How to win a Scorpio man?

In order to win the man of your dreamsThere are many techniques and techniques, as well as psychological techniques and other tricks. Such literature is filled with bookstores, and on the Internet there are a lot of articles of similar subjects.

One of the most active ways to conquerThe man he likes is the conquest of a stronger sex, relying on his horoscope. Yes, it is the zodiacal sign under which your object of adoration was born, will tell you how to conquer the heart of a man without any special problems and time.

If the man you've laid eyes on,Was born under the zodiacal constellation of Scorpio, then in this case the woman should follow certain tactics, which will be described below, and also try to get to know a man better.

The main detail of the seduction of the Scorpio maleIs the belief that it is not a woman who conquers it, but he heroically conquers the unapproachable heart of a fair sex. This approach is necessary, since the Scorpio male often prefers to choose his own woman, guided by the long-known principle of "It's better to go to sleep alone than to wake up with someoneabout".

True, this does not mean that the man his wholeLife is looking for its true ideal of a woman and remains din until it finds it, on the contrary, Scorpio men often and successfully develop minor short-lived intrigues, which they do not take seriously. Serious relationship with such a man can only be with the woman he really respects and appreciates.

The weakness of Scorpio men is theirEnthusiasm for everyone mysterious and mysterious. This applies to a woman. So if a woman sometimes makes it clear to a man that she knows some secrets and at the same time lets herself assume a mysterious appearance, then the chances of conquering a man from such a woman will greatly increase.

It is possible to interest a man and a kind of variation of the game "Cat and mouse". A woman can reveal to the man that complete indifference, then a sincere interest and interest. Such a game can attract a man's attention to a woman. If a man becomes interested in a woman and begins to deploy military operations to win a woman, she should remember that easy victories for men are not interesting.

Here the principle "the moreResistance, the stronger the desire. " In order to start a serious relationship with a Scorpio man, a woman should try to become a real war friend, in devotion and loyalty to which a man is 100% sure. A Scorpio man needs to know that his beloved woman will never give him or put him in, but on the contrary he will always be sincere, honest, loving and affectionate with him, and will always support a man in any situation.

In a relationship with a Scorpio man womanIt should be remembered that such a man can not under any circumstances be deceived or led by the nose, because having scented in a woman the notes of hypocrisy, a man can lose any interest in it for a long time, or even for good.

The Scorpio man does not so much like the secrets themselves,How much she loves to solve them and find out the hidden truth. Therefore, if a woman succeeds in intriguing his behavior with a man, he will intuitively strive for her, in order to unravel all her secrets and what she really thinks. In this case, a woman should not immediately disclose all her secrets, and only tell a little about them to her knight, and interest him even more to her person.

Interested in a Scorpio man, a woman does notShould immediately relax and enjoy the result achieved. The Scorpio man is a warrior by nature, a conqueror, therefore, having interested him, one should also win it.

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Before you get attentionScorpio, a woman should decide what she wants from him. So if the purpose of dating a woman is easy flirting and relaxing in a club or in the bosom of nature, then a woman in communication with a Scorpio man should be frank and tell you exactly what you want. Most likely, a man willingly agrees to the conditions of a woman.

If a woman wants a man is not easyIntrigues, and full-fledged serious relationships, it must become an impregnable castle or fortress, which the man will try to conquer and conquer with all his strength, whether it be a long siege or a lightning storm. The main thing is not to show the man that in fact they conquer him. Let the man sincerely believe that he is a real warrior, he conquers the woman he likes.

As mentioned above, a man does not likeQuick and easy wins, so if a woman quickly surrenders, she can lose it so quickly, because quickly winning Scorpio, can quickly lose any interest to the trophy. A woman should keep to the last, after which to give a man a victory, which in fact is not so, but a man must believe that he himself won an impregnable woman. Such a trophy, obtained through long efforts and efforts, a man will appreciate infinitely. However, if a woman does not show anything so extraordinary that would alienate a man, then it can be confidently said that the Scorpio male is submissive and completely under your authority.

Like many men, Scorpions likeEffective women. Therefore, if you want to conquer the heart of the Scorpion, in your wardrobe should be elegant dresses with a deep neckline, tight fitting outfits that could emphasize the attractiveness of a woman's figure, beautiful ornaments.

Also an important detail is the perfume,Because a woman should smell sweet and with one of her smell to drive men mad. In addition to the external attractiveness of the Scorpio male, the inner world of women is also important. So a man does not like a woman who does not differ in special intelligence. On the contrary, Scorpio is sincerely sympathetic to women, who have a sharp mind and erudition. With such women, men can chat for hours on various topics and even argue if their opinions do not agree.

Men-Scorpios simply do loveTo discuss with intelligent representatives of the fair sex, and at the same time especially appreciate when a woman has her own opinion on this or that occasion. Especially like men, when at the end of the dispute the woman agrees with his undeniable arguments, but does not drop his dignity. That's why a woman needs to not only know what she likes Scorpio, but also try to become at least a little expert in these areas. Do not doubt, your efforts will not be a waste of time and will be rewarded.

If a woman fails to become aA man of Scorpio that fortress, which he longs to conquer, that is, the second way to achieve his goal. The essence of the second option is that a woman becomes a friend for a man, with whom he can talk, walk and consult. Gradually, such relationships can grow into something more than friendship.

The difference between the first and second variant of the conquest of the Scorpio male is exactly the type of relationship, whereas the question of sex is not worth it, since it is likely that sex will be in any case.

How to win a Scorpio man?

In a relationship with a Scorpio man womanShould try not to give reasons for jealousy, because the Scorpions are very jealous and even on a minor occasion can boil, and then a few will not seem to anyone. If a Scorpio man in his life has experienced at least one betrayal, then his jealousy can increase several times. Therefore, a woman should not have the patience of a man, flirting with other men or disappearing somewhere.

Some women are sincerely sure that ifMake him jealous of a man, it will strengthen his love and passion. Perhaps this is true, but not with respect to the Scorpio men. This "strengthening" is unlikely to cause an influx of special love, but that's for sure. A Scorpio man seldom can forget the injury, so a woman should beware of his revenge.

As mentioned above,Scorpio men are fond of various mysteries and riddles. These inclinations of men often determine his favorite pastime. So, Scorpio men can enjoy with pleasure various detective stories or scientific films about something unexplored and interesting. Also, men will be interested in books with a detective storyline.

Lately a lot of people spend time,Sitting at computer monitor. Scorpio men were no exception. So if they play at the computer, they will most likely choose their strategy game.

Are not alien to Scorpio men and sportscompetition. So men in most cases like tennis, and with team sports - football and occasionally basketball. At the same time Scorpio likes quiet sports, such as checkers and chess, in which they will play with pleasure at their leisure.