How to win a Sagittarius man?

Men, who were born under the zodiacal constellation Sagittarius, fully correspond to the spirit of their sign. Sagittarius is usually depicted with a bow in their hands, and all life for them is a hunt.

Sagittarius men are often brightOptimistic personalities who without a problem conquer the hearts of women. Being cheerful and cheerful, sociable and active, the Sagittarius man attracts many friends, therefore they are constantly surrounded by people.

If a woman liked the Sagittarius man and sheWants to win it, then she should try to get into one company with him. Since Sagittarius men like funny noisy companies, but often prefer to be in a small circle, so a woman who was in such a company can without any problems start a conversation with a man and in the course of conversation to interest a man.

Sagittarians love traveling, so to startYou can ask him a question about his adventures and travels. In this case, most likely, the man will begin the most fascinating story about his adventures and trains. If the work of such men is tied to one place, then they quite willingly respond to the opportunity to go somewhere on a business trip. This can also be an excellent topic for talking with a man.

Listening to the story of the Sagittarius man about his wanderings,A woman must demonstrate her interest not only in the narrator himself, but also in what he tells. In doing so, you can ask a bunch of questions, showing erudition and a subtle mind. This will interest the Sagittarius man, and he will try his best to informively answer your questions, and the evening will fly by unnoticed. If the man in his story will mention funny moments or jokes, then, do not hesitate, laugh, as Sagittarians adore people with a good sense of humor, which themselves are endowed by nature.

The main priority in the life of almost any Sagittarius Man is his freedom, So subjugate, and even more tied it toIt will be quite difficult. Figuratively speaking, the first place in the life of Sagittarius is freedom, the second - travel, and only in third place is a woman.

Undoubtedly, the Sagittarius man, as in principle andAny other man, needs to communicate with women, but it is unlikely he wants to become attached to only one person. So having gone to one city, a man will get a girlfriend there, and a week later, after traveling somewhere else, he will forget that woman and get acquainted with another one. A woman can tame this wanderer only if she can accompany a man in his wanderings and share his passions.

A woman who wants to fall in love with herselfThe Sagittarius man and create a serious relationship with him, should readily perceive all his new ideas, support his decisions, go somewhere and never ask where he goes without her. In this case, you should try to stay constantly near him, but on the other hand, and too close is not necessary, so that the man did not feel compulsion.

Men-Sagittarius deservedly enjoyedThe reputation of modern Don Juan, who never tires of conquering new women. Today he can confess love to one woman, and tomorrow he will go to another one for a date. However, one should not think that Sagittarius men deceive women and lie to them about their feelings. By no means, men themselves sincerely believe in their love. But, alas, the love of such men is rarely when it is durable.

A Sagittarius man often speaks the real truth to a woman, not at all wry, but this truth is of a second character, since only the present matters to Sagittarius.

A large number of women in Sagittarius menSpeaks rather not about his hypersexuality, but only about the excitement of a hunter. So having won one woman, a man can lose interest in her, and as a real hunter again races for a new trophy. Love for such men is more of a new adventure than something eternal and sublime. On his life's journey, the Sagittarius man learns many women, but will stubbornly seek out his ideal.

Men of Sagittarians have a wonderful feelingHumor, developed intelligence, cheerfulness and honesty. That sincerity, with the bark he communicates with women, along with excellent manners and optimism, do not leave women indifferent to these conquerors of hearts.

If the woman's companion is a Sagittarius man, thenShe is unlikely to be bored. On the contrary, it can be stated with certainty that a woman will enjoy a very pleasant pastime in the company of the gallant chevalier.

The Sagittarius men do not like everything ostentatious,Pompous and artificial, remaining always real and cheerful. The place of meeting with a woman such a man, most likely, will choose a cozy quiet cafe, and not a noisy institution.

Male Sagittarius is often excellentLover, but treat love a little differently than describe the heroes of literary ladies' novels. A man passionately loves women, but their feelings are mostly superficial. The Sagittarius man refers to love, as well as to all life in general, easily and at ease.

On the contrary, people who relate to love tooSeriously, cause Streltsy if not irritation, then a sarcastic smile. Sagittarius men are often interested in short-term relationships with women, rather than something serious and lasting, and there's nothing to talk about marriage. A man seeks to have fun every day, and from such moments tries to lay down his own life, filled with joyful and unexplored moments.

Sagittarius men are excellentInterlocutors, so to start a conversation with him will not be difficult. Moreover, the woman does not even have to invent those for conversation and try to stir the interlocutor, since the man himself will do everything. In order to conquer the heart of Sagittarius, a woman should be ready to become a grateful listener, since Sagittarius men are very willing to share their adventures and experiences.

Sometimes men themselves without suspectingTranslate the dialogue into monologue mode, where the woman is assigned the role of the listener. At the same time, she should listen to him with wide eyes and try not to miss a single word of his, and also to laugh sincerely at the funny moments of his stories or jokes. If a woman listens and will ask questions, the man will recognize her as an excellent interlocutor.

In a conversation with a Sagittarius man, a woman canTo take an interest in his work, hobbies, favorite films or books. Often, Sagittarius men love team sports, conducted in the open air. Therefore, if a woman is also interested in the sporting life of the city and the country, we can say with certainty that she will make friends with a man.

If a woman is cool about sports, thenShe should at least sort out some of them, so as not to show her complete ignorance in such a man-loved games. Currently, only a few women are interested in and understand such men's favorite games, like football or volleyball. Break these stereotypes, and you will definitely cause sympathy for the Sagittarius man.

Being interested in the personal life of the Sagittarius man,One should not forget about the fine line between a sweet interest in his person with intrusive curiosity, since to the latter men are disliked. So if a man-Sagittarius feels that a woman is trying to get into his life, then he will most likely start treating her a little cautiously, and to start a serious relationship with a man in this case will be extremely difficult.

At first, dating is entirely appropriateTo talk with a Sagittarius man on general topics, without affecting his personal life, unless, of course, he does not want to. If the man on the first date categorically deviates from personal topics and translates the conversation into nothing insignificant topics, do not worry, because this is just a defensive reaction, and soon the man will open up to you in full.

Having learned a woman a little closer, the Sagittarius man can directly shower her with straightforward questions, trying to establish a trusting relationship with the woman.

How to win a Sagittarius man?

When choosing a place for a man-Sagittarius datingRather choose a small cafe in the open, can also arrange a picnic on the bank of a river or lake. But the closed rooms of the male Sagittarius try to avoid, as the enclosed space can limit the freedom of its actions, and as we recall, freedom for Sagittarius is important.

Sagittarius man can promise a lot of thingsWoman, but she should not blindly trust his promises, because, being a windy person, he can easily change his plans, including plans concerning the woman herself.