What is fitness?

Fitness - quite popular recentlyType of exercise. If you go into the theory of what fitness is, it turns out that this is a whole science that studies the mechanisms of human motor activity and its effect on the body. The purpose of fitness is to improve the strength, flexibility and endurance by accumulating plastic and energy substances. At the same time, the human body functions, providing full physical and psychological comfort.

Fitness originated in the US as an alternative bodybuilding type of exercise. The main indicators in the answer to the question, What is fitness, Are the general tone of the body, external appeal, not hidden behind a mountain of muscles, awareness of body culture and healthy eating, healthy lifestyle in general.

In English, the word fitness means "conformity". To whom and what to match - this is a personal matter for every person who decided to take care of their own health and improve their body, to try on themselves what fitness is and what it is needed for.

Perhaps the most correct is the statement thatFitness is designed to provide a person harmony of body and soul. If we return to the translation, then the beauty of the soul must correspond to the beauty of the body - and vice versa. Fitness is also a way to relieve tension, relax after a day's work.

Modern fitness is a symbol of good"Quality" of life. This is a certain way of life, pride in their achievements and successes, comprehension of victory over oneself, constant self-improvement, development of stress resistance, strengthening of the immune system.

What is fitness?

Answering the question, What fitness is for, It should be noted that it is also good becauseThe training program is selected by the fitness instructor strictly individually taking into account the diseases (or predisposition to them), the level of physical fitness, age, weight, etc.

So, for the prevention of cardiovascularDiseases of atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease is a good fitness program in the form of daily walks with a rapid pace for 30-40 minutes. It is necessary to start loads from small, within two weeks gradually bringing them up to norm. You can use additional loads during walking in the form of weights (3-5 kg).

And for those who think about what isFitness, in order to combat excess weight, the fitness program is more saturated and takes about an hour and a half on time. Effective in the fight against obesity fitness classes will be subject to the constant change of activities. This will provide a load on different muscle groups, which means faster burning of excess fats.

A separate place in the fitness system isAerobic exercise, in which all cells of the body are provided with oxygen and thus the molecules of food are split, and the fat is processed into energy. Aerobic activities include walking, running, swimming, cycling, aerobics, and dancing. Aerobic exercise is a medium intensity exercise.

To exercise a high degree of intensityInclude anaerobic training, in which metabolism is significantly accelerated (which is not the case with aerobic exercise). Anaerobic loads contribute to the rapid burning of calories and increase muscle mass.

Particular attention is paid to those who are interested inGetting information about what fitness is, is worth drawing on the culture of nutrition during fitness classes. In the menu of a person engaged in fitness, a special place should be occupied by carbohydrates (cereals, fruits, vegetables, bread), necessary for burning fats.

Many people interested in the theory of fitness are also asked the question of what is Fitness yogaThan it differs from traditional yoga andStandard fitness. Fitness yoga is a synthesis of the Eastern and Western approaches to the question of the harmony of the soul and body. Quite popular in the West, yoga has undergone some changes, the Europeans seem to have remade it "for themselves" - and as a result, there was a fitness yoga.

In fitness yoga only the simplestYoga postures are asanas, and classes are held 2-3 times a week. If you delve deeper into the theory of what fitness yoga is, it turns out that this is a complex of activities that includes poses (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama) yoga, enclosed in standard fitness exercises. Thus, fitness yoga is the ideal option for a resident of a megalopolis, who is unlikely to achieve nirvana in the vanity of working days, but the fundamentals of yoga, which also have a beneficial effect on the body, will be quite on the shoulder.

In many cities began to open so-called Fitness clubs. What is a fitness club and why engage in itBetter than at home? Firstly, it is here that a person can get the help of a qualified specialist - a fitness instructor, to select an individual program of classes.

Secondly, a separate place is occupied here by the answerTo the question, what is a fitness club in the system of interpersonal relations. After visiting this place, a person not only improves his body, but also acquires new acquaintances, builds new relationships, enjoys meeting new friends and communicating with them. And this is also one of the key points of the fitness philosophy.

Called to brighten up the everyday life of a metropolis,Fitness firmly established in the modern life of the latter. The philosophy of harmony with oneself, constant self-improvement, a healthy lifestyle, beauty of the body and soul makes these exercises. Fitness at home is an increasingly attractive option for leisure activities for many people.