How to make the stomach flat fast?

Slim stomach - the dream of every fair sex. It's not just a beautiful part of the body that men pay attention to. The trained muscles of the abdominal press will make the waist of the woman already, and the silhouette is slimmer. How to look great and perfect, how to make the stomach flat quickly and in the shortest possible time, what fitness exercises need to be performed and do you need for this diet?

Let's immediately talk about plastic surgery and miracle pills - this is the lot of spoiled Hollywood stars. Now every step of the way we are faced with advertising of doubtful means with bright slogans "Instant weight loss","How to make the stomach flat fast","Lose weight without problems". It is tempting to get everything at once, but it is better to choose a healthier - and more effective method.

So, how to make the abdomen flat? Let's start with simple daily advice.

  • If you want to have a flat stomach and a thin waist, Learn to relax. It is scientifically proven that under any stress, the body receives the necessary energy, oxidizing fat.

  • If you often wonder: "How to make the stomach flat fast?", You should reconsider your eating habits, completely give up alcohol and quit smoking, since alcohol is very caloric, and nicotine slows down metabolism. Also it is necessary to take care of a bearing, after all at strong slouching the stomach becomes especially appreciable.

  • Whatever fashion magazines for women are arguing for, the most effective way to get a flat stomach is strength training, not weight loss diets, aerobics or miracle patches.

    The press is worth swinging in the morning before eating orAfter some time after. Not getting energy from outside, the body will have to burn subcutaneous fat deposits of the body part being trained. While training the muscles of the press, it is impossible to perform exercises with strong tension, as this can lead to muscle disruption and the formation of a hernia. Also do not get carried away by repetitions of easy exercises - this is ineffective. All exercises are performed according to the principle - starting with the lungs and going to more complex ones.

    Special exercises for a flat stomach in combination with proper nutrition are a fairly effective tool in achieving this goal. The key to success is their regularity.

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How to make the stomach flat fast, or magical gymnastics in the mornings

Do this exercise every morning:

How to make the stomach flat fast?

1. Lie on your back, bend your knees, hands without grasping your head, elbows to the sides, your gaze pointing up. When lifting - inhale, sinking to the starting position - exhalation.

2. Lie on your back, hands under your buttocks, do not raise your straight legs. On exhalation - ascent, on inhalation - return to the starting position.

3. Legs are crossed in the knees, with the formation of a right angle, arms are wound behind the head. Perform lifts with a detachment of the upper body from the floor, observe the breathing technique as in the previous exercises.

4. Lie down, cross your legs in Turkish. From this position, lie down.

5. Bend your knees, hands clasp your head, alternately pull your elbows to your knees.

All these exercises for a flat stomach should be performed 15 times, eventually increasing the load due to more repetitions. The effect will appear after 15 days of regular execution.

Fitness complex for flat stomach

With one regular charge, the problem can not be solved quickly. To achieve the goal of "Flat stomach for 2 weeks"Fitness offers a whole arsenal of all sorts of methods. For example, such simple exercises for a flat stomach, which need to be performed 2-3 times a week:
1. Stand on all fours, your back and arms are straight. The head should not be tilted, look forward. Exhale, inhale, then again a powerful exhalation and return to the initial pose. Tilt your head, arching your back, try to climb as high as possible. Hold in this position for a few seconds, then relax and return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise several times and rest.

2. Lying on your back, stretch straight legs. Hands put your hands down. Under the buttocks. Do not take your back from the floor. Raise your feet 15 cm from the floor, sweep your legs crosswise crosswise so that your legs alternately turn out one on top of the other (scissors). Do three sets of 10 reps each. Most importantly - watch the lower back, you most likely want to bend it, but you can not do this, the loin should be tightly pressed to the floor. Feet should not be raised high, and socks should be pulled. It is necessary to do mahi widely, vigorously and quickly.

3. There is nothing more useful for the press than drawing inBelly - on inhalation and exhalation. What is most important - this exercise has almost no contraindications. Even if you have recently had surgery or have stomach problems, with the help of this exercise you will achieve a beautiful and well-tended abdomen. Stand up straight. Spread your legs wide enough. Hands freely lower along the body, watch the breath: with a sharp exhalation through the nose, maximally draw in the belly, then, with a sharp exhalation, stick out as far as possible of the abdomen. This exercise is performed at a fast pace, most importantly - to achieve synchronization of movements of the abdomen and breathing. Perform from 10 times.

4. This is the variation of the previous exercise, not less thanEffective than the first method. This exercise is more effective to perform, holding your breath. Stand up straight, put your feet to the width of your shoulders, lower your arms along the trunk. Focus on the breath, take a deep breath, and then slowly exhale through the nose. After exhalation, lean forward 45 degrees. Pull the stomach to the spine as hard as you can, try to stay in this position for about 15 seconds. After relaxing, calmly inhale through the nose and return to the starting position. At first the exercise should be performed only once, in time you can go to three repetitions, but no more.

5. Lie down on the floor facing down, leaning on the toe and forearms of the arms. Slowly lift the entire body until it is parallel to the floor. shoulder blades

How to make the stomach flat fast?

Put together, do not strain your neck. Hold in this position for one minute, without tension, drop down to the floor, you can repeat one more time.

6. Stand on all fours, an emphasis on your knees andForearm. Pull forward at the same time the right arm and left leg. Hold in this position for five seconds, then return to the starting position. Repeat 5 times for each arm and leg.

7. Lie on your side, placing emphasis on the bent elbow,Slowly lift the trunk until the forearm is straightened. Try to stay in this position for a minute, repeat the exercise for the other side.

8. Lie on your stomach, stretching your legs and arms. Raise both legs and arms at the same time, hold in this position for 10 seconds, return to the starting position. Repeat up to 15 times.

9. Lie on your side, put your head on your outstretched hand,The second hand obobite on the floor in front of the body. Pull your legs out, holding your feet to each other, slowly raise your legs a little distance from the floor. Do 10 times on each side.

Stand upright, bend your right leg like thisSo that the foot rests against the inner surface of the thigh of the left leg. Then slowly bend forward, withdraw back slightly bent at the knee leg, and hands stretch forward. The back is straight. Try to stay in this position for one minute. Repeat two times for each leg.

A beautiful flat stomach will turn from a dream into aReality, if you regularly carry out the proposed exercises and do not forget about a healthy lifestyle: proper nutrition, full sleep, abandonment of bad habits. Make a flat stomach and a thin waist in the strength of each woman!