Fitness at home. Exercises for fitness at home

Fitness - one of the most popular modern techniquesKeeping your body in shape. Unfortunately, not every woman for some reason can afford fitness classes in a special center or club. This does not mean that for such a woman access to the world of fashionable trends for the improvement of one's own figure is closed - help will come Home fitness, Which, with a skilful approach, can bring no less effective result than exercise in the gym.

Advantages of fitness at home

Fitness at home has a number of undeniable advantages.

At first, Fitness at home - it's cheap. You do not need to pay for a subscription in a fitness club, the price for which is usually not low. With a simple calculation, it turns out that it is cheaper to buy basic equipment for home classes than to pay a one-year membership in a solid fitness center.

, It saves time and allows you to dispose of itOn your own. Paying membership in a fitness center, you must attend it a certain number of times a week at a certain time, and all the classes you have not attended will simply "burn out". In addition, to get to the fitness club, you need to spend time on the fees and the road.

Home fitness does not tie you to a specific time, you can deal with it on any day of the week, at any time of the day and throughout the period of time that you have for this.

, Fitness at home is comfortable: He is practically devoid of any distractions and promotes maximum relaxation and concentration in class. Invariable parts of the fitness club: loud music, turn to simulators, the presence of a large number of people around - can distract and even irritate. Many girls, especially beginners, complex about their appearance, may simply be ashamed to perform this or that exercise in front of more experienced athletes. And what's the turn in the shower after class!

At home everything is much easier. You can choose music for your home fitness classes to your liking or do without it at all, to dress up any clothes convenient for you, to make the necessary breaks for you, to choose certain exercises for certain muscle groups, performing them at the pace that suits you. All available equipment will be yours only. You can try without hesitation new movements, not being afraid to seem ridiculous - unless to itself. And at the end of classes you can take a shower right away.

One of the types of fitness is Pilates. What is Pilates read in our next article.

Disadvantages of fitness at home

Of course, home fitness is not without its drawbacks.

So, it is bad for people with low internalMotivation. Such people always have a reason to "postpone for tomorrow" or perform exercises in a half-strength. If you can not organize yourself, do some exercises at home, you need to visit the fitness center, where it is much easier to enter the training mode.

Therefore, home fitness requires a clear statementGoals, drawing up a plan of studies for the day (week, month), aspirations for certain achievements. If in the fitness club classes are already planned by the coach, then at home they will have to take on these functions.

To fitness at home is not boring, try to periodically enter New exercises Or even temporarily replace the usual set of exercises for another.

Fitness at home. Exercises for fitness at home

Equipment for home fitness classes

First of all, you need enough spaceFor occupations, at least, a free space of 2 to 2 meters. Ideally, you need to allocate a separate room for studying at home. Choose suitable clothes and, if necessary, shoes.

Do not rush to spend money on expensiveequipment. To begin with, there will be enough chairs, benches, several dumbbells, rugs. If after a month you will not get tired of doing home fitness, and the desire to improve your body will only increase, you can go and visit the sports store. By this point, you will already know which groups of your muscles need enhanced training, and get 2-3 most suitable projectiles (simulators). The best option is to pre-test these simulators in the fitness center.

Where can I take fitness lessons at home?

There are several options. You can find a cycle of video broadcasts on fitness classes on one of the TV channels - it's not very convenient, as it requires you to study at a certain time, which is not always convenient for you.

The best option will be DVDs with lessonsFitness at home - at the right time, this video tutorial can be stopped to take a break or work out an exercise that seemed difficult. Select several video discs containing different classes - in time you can make them a kind of "skits" with an emphasis on the exercises that are necessary for you.

We advise starting a home fitness with a carefulFamiliarization with the terminology and principles on which fitness is based. A disk with classes for the first time is best viewed simply to form an idea of ​​what you will have to do.

The most effective way to practice is to learnFitness at home, compiled individually for you. To do this, you will need to consult a fitness trainer who will draw up an individual training schedule for you, considering your data (height, weight, level of physical fitness, your wishes for training a particular group of muscles).

Fitness at home - exercises. Sample plan

Fitness at home. Exercises for fitness at home

The first week of home fitness classes is importantPrepare the muscles for the stresses and pick up the appropriate exercises for you at home fitness. The lessons of this period do not exceed in duration 20-25 minutes.

During the second week of fitness classes, the houses are of a more serious nature, main loads are introduced with the use of sports equipment and simulators. Classes last up to 40 minutes.

During the third week of home fitness classes there is a gradual increase in the load, fixing the results.

The standard exercises for home fitness are:

Push ups. Exercises - push-ups are done in three approaches: Two warm-ups for 10-15 minutes with a break of 2-3 minutes and one worker, when push-ups are done as much as possible (how much to master until fully out of strength). The muscles of the arms and back are being trained.

Squats. During sit-ups, keep the body weight on the heels,Follow the posture, crouch so that the hips are parallel to the floor. Squat you need both on two legs, and on one. Also three approaches: two warm-up and one work. Thanks to these exercises, the muscles of the legs and back are trained.

Exercises for the abs. Choose a set of exercises for the muscles of the press: Ups of the trunk, the ascent of straight and bent legs in the knees, "scissors". Swing the press on the floor and on the bench, lying down and reclining using a simulator. At the end of training, muscles must ache from fatigue.
This is several of the many fitness exercises for the home ...

The effectiveness of fitness at home will beDirectly depend on your desire and perseverance, regularity of classes and full impact during the performance of exercises. And let the slim figure become a reward for your efforts!