Physical stress is one of the conditions for maintainingA beautiful figure and one of the most effective ways to combat excess weight. If you use solely diets as a means of losing weight, the result may not please: the extra fat will go away, exposing the weak untrained muscles. Yes, and the effect of weight loss on diets will not be long, if not to lead an active lifestyle. The most popular form of physical activity among women was running for weight loss.

The effectiveness of running for weight loss

Run for weight loss

During the run in the body, the exchange is acceleratedSubstances and leaves a large amount of energy. Thus, running helps burn calories. In addition, during the run, the circulatory system is enriched with oxygen, promoting the best work of all tissues and organs. Regular jogging will help to tighten the figure, strengthen muscles, look younger and more attractive, and most importantly - significantly improve health.

How to properly run to lose weight?

Of course, running for weight loss - it's not fastA miracle diet, when you can lose 10 kilograms per week. It is necessary to be adjusted, that the positive result is possible exclusively at regular employment, and the first successes will appear not earlier than in a month of regular runs. However, there is no doubt that the expected result will justify all the efforts made.

So, how to run properly? To jogging, as well as to any other kind of physical activity, the body should be accustomed. First of all, you need to listen to your well-being - it is not recommended to run through force or when something is hurting during a run. For some, the adaptation period will pass fairly quickly, others will have to train longer in order to get used to such loads.

Perhaps you will have to start not even with jogging,But with walking in the open air, eventually increasing the distance and intensity of walking. It all depends on the level of physical fitness, the general condition of the body, weight. By the way, if you suffer not just overweight but obesity, before you start running, be sure to consult a doctor - maybe you are contraindicated to lose weight by running.

Choose a suitable place for running in the distanceFrom the highway and crowded places. It can be a park, a stadium, a path in the forest or field. It is desirable that the surface was not perfectly flat, but contained small slopes and elevations. From asphalt coverings during the run is better to give up - they increase the risk of injury.

How correctly to run to beginners? Start with a run of 15 minutes. Run on an average, not exhausting pace - it has the most beneficial effect on the entire body, without fatigue and at the same time contributing to the burning of calories, excess fat and the acceleration of metabolic processes. Begin to run from 2-3 times a week, gradually accustoming yourself to daily jogs lasting at least an hour.

The first couple of weeks of running will be difficult: Muscular muscles, untrained before this, will constantly let know about themselves, and running will be given through strength and laziness. However, you should endure this stage - and running for weight loss will become a habit and even begin to bring pleasure. By the way, during the run, the hormone of happiness is released into the blood - serotonin, so regular jogging will contribute to the fact that you will always have a great mood and a positive mood for the whole day.

Run for weight loss

How to run without risk to health? Before and after jogging, it is recommended to measure your pulse. Effective physical activity is the one at which the pulse speeds up to 120-130 beats per minute. In general, the increase in pulse after running should not exceed 60-70% of the initial pulse rate (measured before training). The heart rate should return to normal within 30 minutes.

Effective running for weight loss, in which there is an alternation of fast running for short distances with a slow run for long distances.
If running at an average pace for 30 minutes will help to lose about 300 g of weight, then the alternation of fast and slow running will give a more tangible result - up to half a kilogram of weight dropped.

Remember some more important recommendations on how to run to lose weight:
- During the run, watch the breath, especially if you moved to a faster pace - the efficiency of running for weight loss is reduced to no if you do not breathe properly;
- do not rush to increase the pace: quickly - does not mean more effectively. Here, more important is the convenience, the optimal running speed for each individual person, the quality of running;
- Try different types of running: run for short and long distances, with obstacles and without, jogging - it is important to determine which type of running is right for you;
- pay special attention to the right selectionClothes and shoes for running - do not skimp and give in this matter a preference for the goods of famous brands of sportswear, because it's about your health.

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When is it useful to run?

Morning, afternoon and evening run have differentEffect. So, running in the morning helps to strengthen the nervous and cardiovascular system. Daytime running is most useful for strengthening the muscles. Running in the evening leads to a maximum weight loss effect, burning of excess fats.

So, if your goal is to lose weight by running, then the best time for classes will be evening time. It is evening running that contributes to a greater burning of calories.

However, if you can not run in the evening, you can notCertain circumstances, do not refuse to yourself in the morning jogs. Running in the morning is not so effective for losing weight as the evening, but it also has a positive effect on the body, helps to train muscles and burn excess fat.

Run for weight loss

How to run properly to lose weight, inA certain time of day? Running in the morning should be done on an empty stomach, before breakfast, and in the evening - two hours after and one hour before eating. Before jogging, it is recommended to take a contrast shower to raise muscle tone, prepare the body for subsequent physical exertion. After running, you also need to take a warm shower.

In general, the main time gaps inDuring the day when the muscles are most ready for exercise, there are 3 periods: from 6.30 to 7.30, from 11.00 to 12.00 and from 16.00 to 18.00. So try to fit your pursuits at any of these intervals.

Do not forget that the best result isTo achieve, combining regular physical activity with proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle. Only in this case the extra pounds will disappear, like a terrible dream, and will never torture you again.

Running for weight loss is not useful for everyone

Remember that running classes have a number of contraindications. So, you can not run to people who have:
- a number of diseases of the cardiovascular system (heart diseases, hypertension, chronic coronary insufficiency);
- any diseases in the acute stage of the course, as well as acute chronic diseases;
- inflammatory processes of any origin;
- Stomach ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer;
- Spine diseases associated with deformities of the vertebrae (osteoporosis, osteochondrosis);
- recent injuries, surgical interventions;
- phlebeurysm;
- strong nearsightedness;
- bronchial asthma;
- disruption of the endocrine system;
- Flat feet.

Run with pleasure, run with profit! Say goodbye with extra pounds forever!