Have a flat stomach and trained press -The dream of every woman. However, in order to achieve this result, it is worthwhile to make a lot of efforts. The fitness complex for abdominal muscles, which can be carried out at home, contains the most effective exercises for the press.

Basic rules when doing exercises for the press

Home exercise for the press

1.The complex of exercises for the press for girls should be repeated 3 times a day. For beginners who have never practiced fitness, it is recommended to repeat the complex 1-2 times a day during the first two weeks, gradually passing to three times a day.

2.The specified number of repetitions is mandatory for execution - and not one repeat less! If it will be hard for you, you will suffocate, make the necessary number of repetitions in the first round, and in the remaining 2 - how much you can. When your body becomes more enduring, you will be able to fully hold all 3 circles.

3.Do the exercises for women, do not forget about the technique. Remember that all work should be performed solely by the abdominal muscles. Jerking the body, the tension of its other parts will lead to the fact that the muscles of the press you will not pump up. Brushes of hands, wound behind the head, can not be linked - they must be relaxed, the head should not rest on them.

4.The pain after previous training is a normal phenomenon, you can not give up exercise because of it. On the contrary, the regular execution of a set of exercises for the press will lead to the fact that soon the pain will first subside, and then completely go away. The exception is very severe pain.

A set of home exercises for the press for girls

Home exercise for the press

In this complex of home fitness are presentedThe most effective exercises for the press, which will help achieve the maximum result - of course, subject to their regular implementation. All exercises for the press should be performed without interruption, one after another.

The whole complex of exercises is called a circle, the circle, in turn, consists of sets - repeats of one exercise. Beginners make 1 circle, gradually passing to 2-3 circles.

. This exercise begins and endsComplex of exercises for the press for women. Lay down on the floor, bending your knees. Bring your hands behind your head or hold your fingertips at your temples. The loin is pressed to the floor so that it does not come off during repeats. Straining the press, slowly lift the trunk and just lower it slowly. During twisting, the chin should not fall to the chest. 50 repetitions.

Diagonal twists
. Lie down on the floor (starting position - as inPrevious exercise). Arms bend and wind over the head. Straining the muscles of the press, elbow the left arm of the knee of the right leg. Quit in such a position for a couple of seconds. Repeat this exercise with your right arm and left knee. This exercise for the press for girls coaches the oblique abdominal muscles. For 30 repetitions in each direction.

Back torsion
. Starting position - lie on the floor, handsPut it behind your head, raise your legs bent at the knees. At the expense of times - strain the press and pull your knees to your chest. At the expense of two - pull out straight legs, tearing off the pelvis from the floor and lifting it as high as possible. At the expense of three - return to the starting position. Such exercises for the press need to be done 25.

Home exercise for the press

Twisting into three accounts. The starting position is the same as forConventional twists. At the expense of times - lift your shoulders slightly above the floor. At the expense of two - rise even higher. At the expense of three - even higher. Slowly lower the body, without touching the back of the floor - 5 cm from it. From this position it is necessary to do the following repetition. Thus, during this exercise the press is in constant tension. 25 repetitions.

A bike
. One of the most effective exercises for the press. Lie down on the floor, put your hands behind your head, lift one leg, bending at the knee, pull the other so that it hangs over the floor a few centimeters. Simulate riding a bicycle, taking turns changing the position of the legs and bringing the left elbow to the left knee, and vice versa. 25 repetitions.

Double twisting. Lay down on the floor, put your hands on your shoulders, bend your knees. Straining the press, lift the head and legs, directing them to each other to meet. Slowly lower the housing. 25 repetitions.

Abdominal Vacuum. Stand on all fours, straighten your back. Exhale, relax the muscles of the press. Pull in the belly as much as possible. At this time, do not hold your breath, breathe in your nose. Maximizing the stomach, hold in this position for 15 seconds, then relax. 25 repetitions.

Over time, in the process of performing these exercises for the press, you can increase the load with additional weight behind your head, picking up a dumbbell or a book.

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Exercises for the press for girls - the mostAn effective way to make the stomach flat, and the waist is thin. Daily exercise of the set of exercises should become a habit - only in this case the result will justify the expectations.