In an effort to become attractive womenReady to torture themselves with constant diets and regular physical exercises. Often, the abuse of this leads to health problems. Fortunately, today every woman has a modern technique that guarantees both beauty and health. Her name is a bodyflex.

What is a bodyflex?

Bodyflex is a unique complexPoses and exercises, which are performed with the obligatory observance of special breathing. This is diaphragmatic breathing, which enriches the body with oxygen. To achieve the desired effect, just 15 minutes of zanith bodyflex per day is sufficient.

What is useful for bodyflex?

What is a bodyflex?

The use of bodyflex is directly related to technologyBreathing during exercise. In an organism enriched with oxygen, the metabolism is normalized, blood circulation improves, muscles are toned. A combination of proper breathing and exercises leads to amazing results: fats are actively split by enrichment with oxygen intensive during muscle training, muscles are strengthened and become more enduring, a kind of massage of internal organs takes place, the whole body is filled with energy and vivacity.

Bodiflex training contributes to normalizationWork of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, improvement of skin color, reduction of edema of the face, relief from shortness of breath. The tiredness disappears, the depressed state disappears, the mood rises.

The more useful the bodyflex in comparison with otherTypes of physical activity? It is worth noting that the effectiveness of this method is simply amazing. So, just 10 minutes of exercise bodyfree will allow you to get rid of 600 calories! A similar effect you can achieve, for example, after an hour of running or two hours of regular aerobics. Needless to say, after the exercise bodyflex, unlike other physical activities, you will not feel tired and exhausted?

Bodyflex is useful to everyone, regardless of age,State of health and the ultimate goal of the classes. Do you want to lose weight, tighten your muscles, improve your breathing, or just become healthier, sturdier and cheerful - try out this wonderful technique on yourself!

What is bad for bodyflex?

What is a bodyflex?

Despite the apparent apparent benefitBodyflex, doctors around the world continue to argue about the appropriateness of this technique. According to some experts, bodyflex is a dangerous occupation for health. What is bad for bodyflex from their point of view?

The type of breathing used in bodyflex isDiaphragmatic respiration - is based on a prolonged (8-10 seconds) its delay. According to the doctors, this not only does not contribute to the enrichment of the body with oxygen, but, on the contrary, leads to oxygen starvation with all the ensuing consequences: brain deterioration, increased blood pressure, arrhythmia, weakened immunity and even the risk of cancer.

On the other hand, the army of fans of bodyflex -People engaged in this method for years - are ready to defend to the last its miracle effect, sincerely wondering what can be harmful bodyflex. On the contrary, people who practice this method say that it was diaphragmatic breathing that helped them to normalize blood pressure and improve heart function, strengthen immunity and return love to life.

To listen to the opinion of doctors or to trust the experience of hundreds and thousands of people who have checked the effect of bodyflexing is your right and your choice.

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Bodyflex - where to start?

So, you decided to do bodyflex. Where to begin?

What is a bodyflex?

First of all, it is worth measuring the waist,Upper and lower abdomen, hips (bikini area) and legs (the widest part of the leg). Start a special notebook where you will write down these readings every week (not more often!)

To increase motivation, you can find a pair of trousers orJeans, in which you barely "barely" vlazite. They are also worth trying on once a week - so you'll see that the effort is not wasted, and the result does not make you wait.

However, the main thing is to begin the exercise with bodyflex - Learn proper aerobic breathing.

The starting position is standing, legs are shoulder width apart. Accept the pose of the volleyball player waiting for the ball to be thrown: bend forward, bend your knees slightly and lean on them with your hands, buttocks set back, glance ahead. In this position, follow these steps:

Stage 1. Collecting the lips in a tube, make a slow, uniform exhalation through the mouth, completely releasing the lungs from the air.

Stage 2. Squeeze your lips and make a quick, sharp, noisy and at the same time a deep breath through your nose, "to the brim" filling the lungs with oxygen.

Stage 3. Lift your head, squeeze your lips and exhale forcefully all the air from the diaphragm through your mouth. With the right exhalation, the air will leave the diaphragm with a whistling sound "groin!"

Step 4. Hold your breath, closing your mouth. Tilt your head and begin to draw in your belly, counting to ten. It is during the period of pulling the belly that bodyfat exercises are performed.

Step 5. Relax the abdominal muscles and exhale. The air will literally burst into your lungs.

It is impossible to learn aerobic respiration from the firstTimes - this requires practice. Therefore, training should be repeated daily until you reach the correct breathing used in the bodyflex. And only when the result is obvious, it will be possible to start performing exercises bodyflex.

Now you know what a bodyflex is, what it isUseful and what can be harmful, where to start the exercise bodifleksom. You have learned to breathe properly in bodyflex techniques and are ready to perform exercises using this technique.