Callanetics is a form of fitness, gymnastics,Authored by Callan Pinkney. It is a complex of static exercises that promote the stretching and contraction of deeply located muscles. Born callanetics from America, however, recently she won the hearts and lovers of fitness in Europe.

What is Callanetics? The effectiveness of callanetics

What is Callanetics?

The complex of calanetics exercises is aimed atStrengthening the muscles of all parts of the body: arms and legs, buttocks, hips, shoulders, abdominals and back - and consists of a combination of exercises of oriental gymnastics (including yoga) and strength exercises (stretch marks). The effectiveness of these exercises is that each of them uses all the muscles of the body. That is why the results of studies callanetics strike - an hour of active exercise gives the body a load comparable to 24 hours of regular aerobics!

Callanetics will help to normalize the volume of substances,Strengthen muscles, get rid of cellulite and improve posture. She will cheer up and bring into your life a charge of cheerfulness and optimism. Very good callanetics for beginners to lose weight and wishing to reduce their volumes.

Among the advantages of callanetics is the possibilityTo be engaged in house conditions, after all it does not demand the big space, special clothes and footwear, presence of additional accessories (simulators, dumbbells, etc.). This is one of the most convenient types of fitness. Therefore, callanetics is recommended for beginners to comprehend the basics of fitness - after all, it is easiest to start a beginner with these classes.

Callanetics attracts many by its tranquility,Slowness, these are slow static loads that have a beneficial effect on all muscle groups. This is an excellent variant of physical exercise for lovers of comfort, people who are balanced, calm, emotionless, who are not attracted by mobile, dance types of fitness. Classes callanetics will allow you to find the harmony of the soul and body, organize your thoughts, relax.

Callanetics - limitations and contraindications

It is worth remembering that callanetics does not suit everyone and has quite a few restrictions.

What is Callanetics?

So, with caution should go to classesCallanetics for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, who have vision problems, traumas, problems with the spine, who have passed the infectious diseases or who are in the postoperative period (from the moment of the operation, it should take 1 year, and after cesarean section - 1,5 years).

However, this does not mean that you are not allowed to learn in practice what callanetics is - you just need to reduce the number of repetitions, perform exercises less actively.

Completely banned exercise kallanetiki asthmatics, leg exercises are prohibited with varicose veins and hemorrhoids.
In any case, if you have one of the above diseases, you should consult with your doctor before starting the classes.

Callanetics for beginners. Helpful Tips

The basic principle of callanetics is not to engage inThrough strength, do only those exercises and only in the amount that your body can afford. The first training should invariably be accompanied by frequent breaks for rest. If there is pain in the muscles, you can not overstrain them, even if you did only half of the required number of repetitions.

What is Callanetics?

Callanetics is good to conduct beforeMirror to see if you are doing the exercises correctly. Breathing should be smooth, it can not be detained. Unlike many fitness exercises, callanetics is not accompanied by music - this prevents you from sticking to the right tempo.

Do not be scared if after the first class youYou will see on the scales a larger figure than it was originally - this is made known by the stronger, trained muscles. In general, the measurement of volume rather than weight is better for efficiency. Scales are better to be set aside for a month or two.

Summing up what is callanetics, it is possible withTo be sure that this technique is ideal for almost every woman, regardless of age and physical data. It will help strengthen muscles and joints, will have a beneficial effect on the immune system, will allow a new look at the world and yourself in it.