Exercises for weight loss face

How often do we think about the shortcomings of ourFigures, forgetting that in special physical exercises a person needs also. Chubby cheeks and a double chin are unlikely to make an attractive woman - and these drawbacks are clearly paying more attention to those shortcomings than to a saggy belly or flat buttocks. In addition, you can correct the shortcomings of the figure with the help of special linen (for example, making the abdomen flat) - but the full face can not be hidden in any way, and even the makeup in this case is a bad helper. What to do? Daily perform a special complex of exercises for the face.

Exercises for weight loss in the first 2-3 weeksYou need to perform twice a day, and when the result becomes noticeable, the puffiness of the face will subside, you can reduce the regularity of performing exercises to once a day.

Exercise 1. Lie down or sit down, open your mouth a bit andForce your lips inwards so that they are in your mouth for your teeth. Hands gently on the sides of the face. Imagine that the skin of the face becomes elastic and tightened. Point your eyes up and imagine that the skin of your face is also rushing up, following the gaze. When there is a slight burning sensation in the muscles of the face, raise your hands up and count to thirty. Relax and blow in front of you to completely relieve tension.

Exercise 2. Sit down, tilt your head back and tryGrab the lower jaw upper, while pushing forward the chin. This wiggling of the lower jaw is a very effective exercise for the muscles of the face and getting rid of the second chin. Exercise time is 30 seconds.

Exercises for weight loss face

Exercise 3. Close your teeth. Straining the muscles, lower your lower lip down. Exercise time is half a minute.

Exercise 4. Lower and raise the corners of the mouth, straining the muscles of the neck. Exercise time is half a minute.

Exercise 5. Sit down at the table, lean on your elbow, andChin - on a fist clenched in his hand. Try to lower your head while at the same time resisting it with your hand. Do this exercise for 30 seconds.

Exercise 6. This exercise for losing weight faceOpposite to the previous one. Lower your head so that the chin touches the hole between the collarbones. Hand over your head and connect "to the lock" on the back of the head. Try to raise your head, while at the same time resisting it with your hands.

Exercise 7. Do slow circular rotations with your head clockwise and counterclockwise (5 times in each direction).

Exercise 8. Do the head incline to the left and right shoulder alternately (5 times).

Exercise 9. Lower your head and stretch your chin one by one to the left and right shoulder (5 times).

Exercises for weight loss face

Exercise 10. Hold a pen or pencil in your mouth and try to write them in the air with different letters and numbers. Produce these manipulations within 30-60 seconds.

Exercise 11. Stand up, cross your arms over your chest and graspBy their shoulders. Push on the shoulders and at the same time pull the neck as high as possible. When the neck is stretched as much as possible, inhale, count to ten and make a relaxed exhalation.

Exercise 12
. Make lips a tube and distinctly singAll the vowels of the alphabet (A-O-U-I-E-YY-YU-UE). This exercise for the muscles of the face will be even more effective, if each time to change the order of the pronunciation of sounds in places.

Exercise 13
. Back of the hand, pat yourselfChin for 30 seconds. This exercise helps well in the fight against double chin and it can be performed during the application of day and night cream for the face.

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The proposed complex of exercises for the face will give the expected result only in combination with proper nutrition (diet), moderate physical loads of the whole organism, an orderly regime of the day.