The subject of excess weight and struggle with it, a bigA problem for many of us. Perhaps, every second girl is concerned about this issue and applies various methods of losing weight, whether it's a diet or a set of physical exercises.

Today we want to touch on the topic of weight loss, andIn particular, how to lose weight in the legs with the help of physical exercises. Due to the fact that many of us do not have time to attend the gym, the set of exercises we offer will be designed for doing at home.

Before you start the exercises,It is necessary to make a small warm-up for warming up the muscles. It should be simple exercises in which all parts of the body are involved: the neck, arms, trunk and legs. The duration of the warm-up should not be more than 5 minutes, after which we immediately begin the exercises themselves.

Exercises for slimming legs

Complex exercises for weight loss legs

  • Exercise 1

  • Exercise for slimming calves and strengthening the muscles of the calf

    To perform this exercise, we needChair with back, put it in front of you. Become straight, slightly apart with legs apart. Hold hands behind the back of the chair, and begin the uphill up on the socks. When performing this exercise, your posture should be straightened, and the muscles of the legs are strained.

    We perform the exercise 20 times.

  • Exercise 2

  • Exercise for the whole leg area

    No set of exercises for weight loss legsDoes without squats. For this, we become steady, our hands on the belt, our legs are slightly apart. On inhalation - we squat and straighten our arms in front of us, on exhalation - we return to the starting position.

    We perform the exercise 30 times.

    Exercises for slimming legs

  • Exercise 3

  • Exercise for the front surface of the thigh

    Put the chair back to yourself. Straighten your arms to the sides, legs slightly apart. Now, stretching out the sock, alternately with your feet you circle a semicircle around the back of the chair, first into one, and then to the other side. Try to keep the foot straight.

    We perform the exercise 20 times per foot.

  • Exercise 4

  • Exercise for the external surface of the thigh

    We have hands on the back of the chair. We remove the leg sideways and on exhalation raise it by 45 degrees, hold for a few seconds at a given point and then on exhalation return to the starting position. Exercise should be done smoothly, without sudden movements.

    We perform the exercise 30 times per foot.

  • Exercise 5

  • Exercise for the back of the thigh.

    Accept the position of lying. The arms are straightened along the trunk, the left leg is bent at the knee, and the right leg lift up. Now we are trying to make a bridge. On exhalation we raise the pelvis, pushing the heel from the floor. Fix at the highest point and slowly return to the starting position. Then we change the leg. When performing this exercise, the back should be flat and not bend.

    We perform the exercise for 20 times for each leg.

    Exercises for slimming legs

  • Exercise 6

  • The final exercise for all leg muscles

    For the last exercise, weNeed a rope. With its help we perform jumps in place, first on both legs, then on one and then alternately change legs. Doing exercise all the muscles of your body must be strained.

    We perform the exercise for 5 minutes.

We want to touch the load separately. If you want to exercise for weight loss legs in 2 weeks gave a tangible result, then there must be a corresponding load. That is, exercises need 3 times a week, but at the same time, after they are completed, you should feel slight discomfort in the muscles - this will mean that the load is picked up correctly and there is a positive effect. In no case you should not "fall down" after the exercises, this is the main mistake of the girls. Considering that the more muscles get tired, the better will be the positive effect - a delusion, the effect in this case will be only negative, everything should be in moderation.

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