A child often wakes up at night, what should I do?

In your family, a miracle happened. A beautiful baby has appeared, but your happiness is overshadowed by the fact that at night the baby very often wakes up. And you do not know how to cope with this problem. You are troubled by a lot of questions: "Why does not he sleep?", "Are frequent revivals harmful to his health?". How to teach him to fall asleep in his crib? Why is he crying?

Phases of sleep
During sleep in the human body occurVarious mental and physical processes: the information that a person received for the day and stored in memory is processed, cell growth and division occurs, and harmful toxins are emitted from the human body. A person's sleep is divided into phases: a nap, a shallow sleep, a deep sleep, a quick sleep (when dreams are dreamed).

Sleep of a child
The first days and months of his life the baby can sleepUp to 18 hours a day, waking up only to satisfy the feeling of hunger. Gradually your baby grows and sleep duration decreases. By six months, the child is enough for sleep 14 hours, and by the year - 13 hours, to sleep well. Approximately 70% of children between the ages of three months sleep until morning feeding, and after a year most children do not wake up at all until the morning.

A child often wakes up at night, what should I do?

Why does a child often wake up at night?
Does your child often cry in a dream? To make him calm you go to the crib, take the child in his arms, trying to calm him down. Do not rush to take it in your arms, it is believed that during sleep the child should make different sounds, whimper and even cry. Often this is the norm.
Your baby grows and all the experiences he experiencedFor a day, all emotions find an outlet at night, during the phase of fast sleep. The kid sees dreams and reacts to them in his own way. Night awakening is the norm, as the stages of sleep change with a certain periodicity. In infants, the frequency of these stages is about 1 hour. One-year-olds wake up one or two times a night and immediately fall asleep.

Sleep disorders in children
Your baby often wakes up at night, long can notFall asleep, cry and fall asleep only when you take it in your arms. And this continues every night. Your life turns into a nightmare. You worry: "What's wrong with my child, maybe he's sick?"
Doctors distribute sleep disorders in children to primary and secondary.

Primary sleep disorders.
Primary disorders develop on their own. Parents set the wrong mode of the child's sleep. From the first days of his life he is accustomed to the hands, that is, rock on his hands or in a stroller for children. After feeding the baby, you need to put it in the crib so that he learns to fall asleep in his crib, and not in the hands of his mother. It is necessary to create the conditions for proper falling asleep, create a ritual of packing: for example, to buy a child, feed him, put him in a crib and spend quite a bit with him. In time, he will get used to falling asleep properly. You can put your favorite toy in the crib so that he does not feel lonely. Of course, at first he will resist and loudly crying to demand that he is shaken on the handles, or put to sleep with his parents, or give a bottle of milk. Gradually, he will adapt to the new regime.

Another reason for the frequent spillage of a child isNights are the habit of the child, that as soon as he wakes up, he is immediately fed. Often parents themselves create this problem, as soon as the baby cries, they pop it a bottle of milk or breast, even if he is not hungry, he will eat, calm down and fall asleep. The kid quickly gets used to it and already at a more adult age during the night awakening requires that he be fed. At about six months of age, the child's stomach contains enough food and there is no need to feed it at night. Feeding at night can lead to hormonal disorders of the body. The digestive system must rest at night, not digest food.

Secondary sleep disturbance.
Secondary sleep disorder is associated with various diseases of the nervous system. If a child has persistent sleep disorders, a medical examination of the child and treatment is necessary.

Other causes of sleep disorders
Another reason for a child's poor sleep isteething. The child begins to erupt teeth, swell and inflame the gingiva, sometimes there is a rise in temperature. The child is hurt, he is capricious, crying and often wakes up at night.

To ease the condition of the baby you can giveHe tincture of herbs that have soothing properties. Special special ointments for gums are also effective. Just do not self-medicate, so as not to harm your child, but contact the specialists.

Other reasons that interfere with your childSleep tight at night, include various ailments. A child may have sore ears or is disturbed by colic in the tummy. A child's sleep can be interrupted if the room is noisy or turned on a bright light, or he had a terrible dream.

A child often wakes up at night, what should I do?

So that your child sleeps peacefully all night andDid not wake up, you must arrange for him the correct regime of the day. He should wake up at the same time and go to bed at a certain hour. Before going to bed a child should be well fed, so that his sleep is not interrupted by a feeling of hunger. Just as a good sleep a child helps to take a warm bath.

Good night to you and your baby!