Very often many parents are faced with suchProblem: your child does not want to fall asleep, it simply can not be forced to go to bed at the set time. He asks you for something to drink, then to eat, then he wants to go to the toilet, and sometimes he rolls up hysterics. It requires attention. What to do in such cases?

Calm games with the child before bedtime

In the evening, do not make noisy games with your child,It is desirable that he does not run and do not jump, not excited. It is better to study drawing with him or suggest him to build a house from cubes, in which his toys will sleep. You can shave from plasticine: for example, to blind a crib, a small pillow and put a doll in it. Tell the baby that everyone should sleep at night, because they are tired and that he too will go to bed now to sleep and gain strength for tomorrow's games.

An evening walk

The child does not want to go to bed. What to do?

You can also take him out for an evening walk,Of course, if the weather is fine. Quietly walk with him near the house, you do not need to drive him to the playground to the swings. Many parents think that if their child runs well before going to bed, will get tired, then sleep at night more tightly. In many cases this is not so, some children after active games begin to be capricious they simply can not be reassured.

Children have a weak nervous system and therefore theyOften overexcited from too noisy games. If your baby rolls up hysterics, crying does not need to scold him and so, more to beat. This kind of behavior causes the child even more stress. Caress him, calm him, tell him that he is the best and you love him very much. Drink it with warm milk with honey or tea with mint, these drinks well soothe the nervous system. Calm your baby, provide him a sound sleep.

Warm bath before going to bed

To baby sleep better in the evening you need to batheIt with infusions of soothing herbs, such as mint or chamomile. Just in the water can add a drop of flavored oil with soothing properties.

Correct sleep regimen

Teach your child to wake up in the morning into oneTime, even if he is sleeping so sweetly and you feel sorry for him. If the baby sleeps before lunch, then he will stay awake until midnight. Another reason for poor sleep is a late afternoon nap. If you put the baby to sleep after 3-4 hours of the day, then in the evening he, for sure, will not want to go to bed at 9 o'clock.

In your crib, the child should only sleep, do not teach him to play it or eat, of course, for the night you can put your favorite toy in the crib to embrace it, he did not feel lonely.

Preparing the child for bed.

The child does not want to go to bed. What to do?

First of all, you need to properly prepareThe child to sleep. You can invite him to put his toys to bed, straighten the bed itself. You can read to him more than one fairy tale, as usual, but two, but with the condition that after the tale he immediately goes to bed. Your baby has grown up and you need to teach him to negotiate with you. You can promise him if he goes to bed during time, take him to the zoo or buy him a new toy.

Sweet dreams to your baby!