Every mother wants to raise her childCorrectly, giving him a large amount of love, caring and affection, but at the same time, that the child grew up good, obedient and not spoiled. In view of the relevance of this topic, today we will tell you about how to properly raise a child.

How to raise a child

Rules of behavior for children

The first rule is that you do not have to wait for your childWill be your copy and should repeat all your successes. The child is a person, and it is unnecessary to make of him whom you want from him, he has his own interests and preferences. Your task is to properly educate him and give a ticket to life, rather than impose his will on him.

Take care of the child's problems with understanding, of course, from the height of the lived years his problems will occasionally seem to be "dummy", but for him they are as large as yours are yours.

It is not necessary to build up the education of a child on bans and blackmail.

How to raise a child obedient

Since childhood, teach the child to order so that heCleaned up after himself: he put his toys behind him, covered his bed, and when he learned to dress and undress himself, he would neatly put his things in the locker. Why it should be done from an early age? Formation of personality in a child begins with a child, then it is laid down all the ideas about the order and responsibilities. The main error of parents when they protect the child from domestic worries and, eventually, reaching the age of 18, our children are simply not ready for adulthood, since they are not accustomed to this.

Since the age of 7, the child must beFamily responsibilities. That is, in addition to the order in his room and in his things, he should have general duties around the house, for example, once a week wipe the dust, take out the garbage or go to the store. Thus, he will become independent, and he will have a sense of responsibility.

Correctly to bring up the child it is possible without punishment, the main thing to find the correct approach.

How to raise a child

How to raise a child as a leader

Raising a child as a leader is very difficult, ratherThis is inherent in the genetic level. Also the leader from the child does and surroundings. For example, if there are several people with leadership abilities in the company of the child's friends, then your child's abilities can come to naught. If the child does not possess leadership qualities, and the company of his friends consists of quiet children, then they can suddenly appear.

Although, some psychologists say the opposite,That the leadership qualities of the child can be raised. The leader is someone who has his own opinion and he knows how to correctly convey it to others, so respect your child's opinion. The child should have a clear and precise speech, and also be intellectually developed, so that the children are interested in him. Leadership is responsibility, therefore, when a child has responsibilities, he will develop a sense of responsibility. Teach your child to respect and respect other opinions. Not necessarily a child-leader should be the best in everything, he must be able to attract children and lead them.

How to raise a child after a divorce

After the divorce, many women think aboutHow to raise a child alone. Raising a child is difficult, but there's nothing to worry about. Most of the children are brought up in the family, where there is one mother, and if the father is there, then it happens that there is no use from him. If the former husband loves the child, the divorce will not affect his attitude and upbringing of the child.

A typical error of moms is that afterDivorce they begin to negatively adjust the child to the father, it often happens not specifically, but postpones the negative imprint in the mind of the child. As much as you hate your ex-husband and you are not evil about him, this should not concern the child in any way. Do not interfere with their meetings and communication.

How to raise a child

How to raise a good and good child

So that your child grows up kind and happy, give him love and motherly affection. Never humiliate him, for it breeds complexes and anger toward the world around him.

That the child has grown kind, since the childhoodLet's look at the good fellow, Soviet cartoons - they bring up kindness, honesty, decency and values ​​of friendship. American cartoons at an early age the child is better not to give a look, since kindness in them is not enough.

How to raise a smart child

To bring up a clever child, he must want it himself, otherwise reading books and studying various sciences for him will be hard labor, and he simply will not perceive them.

If the child has a craving for knowledge, thenEducate him smart books, cognitive programs and movies will help. To make this all useful, books and films should correspond to the age of the baby, for example, at 7 years old the child will be interested to see a film about space and our solar system, and not about the Cold War.

How to raise a confident child

To raise a self-confident child, beIt is self-confident and inspire this confidence in yourself. For example, when a child plays a game and it's hard for him to go through any level, or when he does something at home and has something wrong with him, support him. In this case, the child should be self-confident, not self-confident.