Our children are growing by leaps and bounds. It would seem that just about, just recently, we brought this small bundle from the hospital, put it in the crib and for a long time could not tear off his gaze, after 9 months of waiting. But time flies by lightning, we do not notice how our baby grows up and becomes an adult.

Birthday for the child is the most importantA holiday in the year when guests come to him, give a lot of gifts, a festive table is laid, and at the end of the celebration he blows out the cake candles. As a child, we all looked forward to the arrival of the birthday, it was a special day for us, it carried in itself something magical and tremulous, on this day we realized that we are getting older and growing up. But every year this feeling is lost, and after adolescence, birthday does not bring that trembling, expectation and joy, and for some it does become a normal day.

Try every year until your children becomeAdults, to organize them as grandiose birthdays as they would be like a fairy tale for them in childhood, and when they grow up they will remember and store these moments with tenderness in their memory. Let's consider where and how fun it is to celebrate a child's birthday.

Where to celebrate the birthday of the child

How to celebrate a child's birthday

Birthday of a little child

Up to three years, children's birthdays are bestTo celebrate at home, since the child is still vaguely aware of the meaning of this celebration, and therefore the celebration organization, by and large, you do for yourself. In any case, at least a small celebration, but it should be. Invite the closest people: grandparents, godfathers and close friends. Cover the festive table, where there must be a cake with candles, after all, even though our little culprit of identity does not understand anything, but pictures of how he blows out candles a year, 2 and 3 will be a memory of this day for life.

Birthday of the child from 3 to 8 years

In 3-5 years birthday is best to celebrateAlso at home, because at this age the child is accustomed to this situation, and if it is a cafe, then he can feel uncomfortable. In addition, at this age children often feel shy of the guests, so try to invite the closest ones the child knows well. It is very good, if at the birthday of the child will be his peers.

In 6-8 years - it is at this age of birthBecomes a special day for the child, and he understands the significance of this celebration. From this period, try to try as much as possible in organizing the birthday of the child.

Birthday of the child from 8 to 13 years

At this age the child is waiting for something specialFrom his birthday, therefore, it is necessary to hold it unusually. Since he already has his friends, both from the classroom and from the yard, then organize a merry celebration, and then, if you want, then gather with relatives. Below we will touch on the issue of how fun it is to celebrate a child's birthday.

Teenager's birthday

When your child is more than 13Years, his birthday is best celebrated in a cafe, where they can talk with friends on topics of interest, have fun with the soul, it's such an age that they will be cramped in an apartment.

How to celebrate a child's birthday at home

How to organize a child's birthday

Whom to invite for a birthday

Very often, for some reason, parents make a dayBirth of a child for himself, inviting those whom they themselves want, is this correct? Starting from the age of 5, the child already understands who comes to him for his birthday, and he also wants to participate in organizing the event and invite those whom he wants to see. Despite the fact that he is small, still consider his opinion, after all, this is his holiday.

Children separately, adults separately

Sometimes some parents practice this kind ofCelebrating the birthday of the child, when adults celebrate the celebration in one room, and children in another - this is absolutely wrong. In this situation, this is a more psychological issue, as children feel alienated, it turns out that the child and friends were sent to another room so that they do not interfere with the adults celebrating their birthday.

First, if you want to share the celebrationBirthdays for children and adults, in parallel, learn from the birthday boy how he or she would like to celebrate it: with everyone together, with friends at the children's table or began to sit with peers, and then with all adults.

Secondly, to organize a celebration of children'sTable, you will need to tear to 2 tables, on the one hand to look after the kids, and on the other - to watch the triumph of adults, which is not very convenient.

The best option is to celebrate a birthdayThe child in this way: if a children's celebration is planned, then it is better to spend the day, and in the evening to gather with relatives. Children's celebration can be celebrated both at home and at a children's cafe.

What to serve for the birthday of the child

If the table for adults is clear, then withThe situation is somewhat different for children. It's clear that children are very fond of sweets, but stuffing them with sweets and restricting oneself is not right. Since the children of "eaters" are still those, you should not think too much about food. The best option is to start the celebration with a light salad, so that the children will gain strength, as they have a long time to frolic. After the first break for fun, you can already serve sweets: cakes, fruit slicers, fruit salads, etc. At the end of the holiday a cake is served. Be sure to attend the festive table and drinks, stock up them, because the children love them very much.

Where to celebrate the birthday of a teenager

Birthday party

Festive mood

In order that in the morning the child hadFestive mood, try at night, while he is sleeping, decorate the room of the birthday man or the birthday girl. As decorations can be: balloons, painted posters, serpentine, in a word everything that will create a festive atmosphere in the child's room.

How fun to celebrate a child's birthday at home

If you want to celebrate a child's birthdayCheap, then mark it at home, so you will save on renting a banquet hall or other premises, and also be able to make your menu a festive table and organize children's leisure. What exactly is served to the table look above. When you figure out the table, you need to come up with a cultural and entertainment program.

Children are not adults who will be enoughA laid table and a spiritual company, children like to have fun. At the birthday of the children must be different games and contests, where they can win prizes. The most famous competition, when at different heights, on a stick, sweets are hung with the help of threads. The child is blindfolded, and he turns around several times, then with his hands, and best of all with scissors, he must find and cut the candy from the rope. The prize is left for the contestant. Such interesting games for children can be found on the Internet quite a large number.

Mark the child's birthday inexpensively

How to celebrate a child's birthday outside the home

Birthday in a cafe

If you are not limited in money orImagine how to organize a children's birthday at home, when the apartment is noisy and din, we recommend that you spend it in a cafe. For today there are both separate children's cafes and ordinary cafes, where there is an opportunity to celebrate the birthday of the child. The advantage of this option is that you do not need to worry about what to put on the table, since this you decide with the administrator, and in addition, the whole organization of the event: games, contests, disco, etc. - takes a cafe. Another nuance: you came - everything will be ready, you are gone - everything will be taken away for you, at home it will not be so simple.

Before choosing a cafe, where to celebrate the dayBirth of a child, examine it to make the atmosphere cozy. Book a room is best 2 weeks before the celebration. Children's birthday try to spend the day, because in the evening adults will celebrate the celebrations in the cafe. Well, if the celebration will take place in a separate room, so that you and you no one interfered.

Most establishments have their own rulesOrganization of celebrations, so be sure to clarify them. The first thing that needs to be clarified is how many people a minimum should be. Most often for the event is set a minimum of 15 people. The next point to be clarified is the menu: what can you offer in the cafe, and what will you need to buy. In the cafe celebrate the birthday start with pizza or salads. You can serve fruit and ice cream for dessert. Also decide the issue with drinks: order them in a cafe or buy separately.

With the administrator you can discuss andInvitation of clowns, magicians and disguised as favorite heroes of actors. Their presence will greatly improve the mood of children. To the holiday was a success and you did not get a hack, a real professional actor will offer to meet in advance and discuss the program of the event.

In a word - think over everything to the smallest detail.

Birthday in the park

Sit indoors, when the outdoors is warmThe weather is not the most logical option. Celebrate the birthday of the child in the park, it can be like an amusement park, a water park, and a simple city park.

In the amusement park, children will have funRide on various attractions: a breeze, a boat, cars, etc. In the water park will be no less fun, as the pool itself, where you can swim, is already a joy for children, and even more so when in this pool there are various slides. If these two options are not suitable, then in the city park there must be fun for children: a children's locomotive, a boat trip, etc.

After the main cultural program, you can celebrate with your children the birthday of your child in the nearest café, such as pizza and ice cream.

Flag child's birthday

Active birthday

If you do not know where to celebrate the birthday of a teenager, then an active birthday is what you need. It can be:

  • Bowling Club;

  • Skating;

  • Riding a yacht;

  • Paintball;

  • And other active types of recreation.

Again, after an active event, its ending can be held in a cafe.

Cultural birthday

Another option for a birthdayThe child will be a cultural holiday. Now the service "Birthday in the museum" is gaining popularity, it consists in the fact that the museum for children first conducts an excursion, and then the event is organized in a museum setting. A very interesting kind of birthday party, mostly for young children.


When the outside is nice warm weather, then whyWould not celebrate the child's birthday in nature? Fresh air, beautiful nature, and most importantly - shish kebabs, which all children love. You can, how to go to your country house, and go just to nature.

If you go to nature with friendsChild and their parents, you can stay there with an overnight stay - for children it will be grandiose, you can sit in the evening by the fire, sing songs, and most importantly, spend the night in a tent, which is sure to please the children. If parents of children do not go with you, then it's better to cancel the overnight stay.

The celebration itself can be divided into severalStages. After you have made a halt, it is recommended to have a snack with sandwiches. After that, organize an entertainment program in nature and complete your trip with kebabs and a sweet table.

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In nature, it's very good to start a search gameTreasure. In advance, consider where in the area you are going to, you can hide the treasure, but the main thing is not too far. Then we draw a treasure map to make the game interesting, try to complicate it with riddles. For example, split the card into 2 parts, one of which is handed to the children, and in order to get the second card fold, the children will have to guess the puzzles, well, or in that way - you can change the script itself. When you come, one of the adults immediately goes and hides the treasure. Hand the children a compass and the other necessary for the treasure hunt. The treasure itself can consist of sweets, drinks, etc. Here you will see how this game is like children. Take into account that in this case, do not leave children unattended for a minute.