On the modern popularity of feng shui, evenIt is not necessary to speak. Probably, every girl if not fond of feng shui then, at least, heard about him. What is Feng Shui and why does it gain such popularity?

Feng Shui apartment

What is Feng Shui

But really, what is Feng Shui? Many are asking this question, but there is no single answer and no opinion on this issue. In general, it is believed that Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese science that recommends its own living conditions, but it would be wrong to limit this exclusively, as the modern meaning of feng shui has gone much further than the boundaries of science. Feng Shui can not be called a belief in the context of religion, it is more faith in one's own strengths and abilities, as well as personal success. Feng Shui with all certainty can be called a philosophy, since it has its so-called postulates and rules that you apply to personal circumstances.

Why use feng shui

The philosophy of feng shui is to helpA man to find happiness, and that all his wishes come true. It is worth noting that Feng Shui is aimed exclusively at good. That is, Feng Shui gives recommendations on how to become happy, how to attract luck, money, wealth and, of course, love. Feng Shui can be treated quite differently, but if you really believe by virtue of its action, then all your dreams and desires will necessarily come true, there are enough examples to this - people who have changed their lives for the better with the help of feng shui.

Feng Shui at home

By feng shui the whole apartment is divided into sectors and zones, each of which is responsible for its elements. Let's take a closer look at which sector and for which it is responsible.


The northern part of your apartment is responsible for your career and work.


Knowledge, wisdom and education are concentrated in the Northeast.


The East symbolizes family and family well-being.


The South-East is responsible for the wealth sector.


The southern part of the apartment is a sector of fame and influence.


The most favorite sector of many girls is the South-East, where love, relationships and marriage are concentrated.


The West is the side of children and creativity.


The North-West is responsible for useful people, that is, friends, companions, associates, etc.


The center of the room is responsible for health.

Feng Shui attraction of money

How to use zones

Now that we know what each of them is responsible forZones, we proceed to their arrangement. It is important to note that each zone requires an individual approach, colors, attributes and talismans. The technique of feng shui is so huge that it is impossible to briefly talk about it, putting everything in one article - it's impossible, so you will find more detailed information on the arrangement of zones by feng shui in the special literature. We will try to touch the most frequently interested girls moments.

How to use Feng Shui

Feng Shui assumes the presence of positive and positive energy. Therefore, if you decide to use feng shui in your life, then you must believe in its power, and, most importantly, in your strength.

With feng shui you need to start a new life and so you needChange your worldview. Clearly formulate your desires, they must be specific, for example if you want material well-being, then this should sound not: "I want to earn a lot of money" - it's not right, but there must be a specifics: "I want to earn 1000 dollars a month, The same applies to other desires. One more thing, you have to be realistic about your desires, as some specifically want to earn a million dollars, but this is no longer a desire, but a populism, and as the saying goes: "You want a lot, you will not get anything."

Feng Shui Room

Feng Shui Room

Transformations should also affect your housing, andEspecially your room. Feng Shui says that the room should be cozy and have a positive energy. If everything is clear with a home cosiness, then the notion of "positive energy" is somewhat abstract, so we will try to explain some of this to you.

  • Get rid of old and unnecessary things

If you want to start a new life, you must get rid of all the old things that you do not need, making room for a new one. Reconsider everything in your room, including a cabinet with things.

Feng Shui does not like energy stagnation, but likesOrder and life, so in your room should be clean, spacious and light, no mess. Introduce the beginning of a new life by permutation and general cleaning, or even better, make repairs based on all the recommendations given by feng shui about this.

  • Interior

The Feng Shui bed should be located in such a waySo that your feet are not aimed at the door. It is recommended to arrange the bed so that you sleep your head towards your element, based on the sign of the zodiac.

Try to maximally relieve sleepingRoom from electrical equipment, as it carries a negative energy and "tension" when in the bedroom everything should be calm and relax.

If there is a desk in your bedroom, then it should be located so that behind you is a wall, not a door or window.

The entrance door to the apartment should not be reflected in the mirror, because if you believe feng shui, then in that case all the positive energy and aura flow through the mirror to the door, from your apartment.

  • Arrange zones

As already mentioned above, each zone has its ownAttributes and talismans. Try to unload these zones as much as possible, for example, if you are interested in material well-being, then closely engage in the South-East sector and equip it. If there is a closet or this part of the room is cluttered with other items, try to maximally release this zone, on this principle, act in other cases.

Map of desires feng shui

A wish card for feng shui

All your desires should not only beMental, but also be fixed on paper. That is, take a piece of paper, preferably not less than the A4 format, but better still and draw a wish card. On the map, you must reflect all that you dream about. The map can be made both in the form of items listed in order, and in pictures, of course, pictures will have in this case a great power of action and energy.

So, if you want to find a loved one, thenFor sure there is some celebrity that you would like to see your narrowed look like. Therefore, we find a photo of this celebrity with the girl and instead of the girl's face we mount our face. Below your joint photo, write a list of those qualities that you would like to have your narrowed down and a list of that with which you could be measured.

If you want your house, then paste a photograph of the house you dream about on the map, the same applies to the car, work and other desires. When you draw a wish card, hang it on the southern sector.

Feng shui for love

For the sector of love in the house meets the Southwest, so if you want to find a loved one and get married, then closely engage in this sector.

The mistake is that if you keep everything in you, what connects you to past relationships: photos, things, gifts, etc. - from all this we get rid of and leave all feelings in the past.

If you dream about one person, thenExchange for other relationships - wait for the person you are dreaming about, and not who you met. It's like in a restaurant - if you ordered a lobster salad, and you bring a salad of crab sticks, you refuse and wait for what you ordered !? The same goes for your desires.

In the South-West, it is necessary to use red andPink colors. All mascots of this sector should be in pairs, if they are hearts, then they must be 2, it also applies to other talismans: roses, pions, cranes, candles and other things.