Every person wants with joy andIt is a pleasure to come to your home, but sometimes it happens that we begin to feel uncomfortable in the apartment, for one reason or another. Agree, the apartment must be cozy: bright, warm, spacious and being in it should raise your spirits. Let's look at ways to make a cozy apartment.

Home cosiness

Analyzing the interior

First, try to analyze what exactly you do not like in your interior, why you feel uncomfortable:

  • Furniture

Old furniture, especially if it is already far awayOf course, makes the apartment uncomfortable. In addition, if you have a lot of furniture, and it seems to put pressure on you, it also negatively affects the comfort of the apartment.

  • Wall Design

The second reason for an uncomfortable apartment is the design of walls, if the walls are not painted with the color that you like, or the wallpaper annoys you.

  • Interior

When you like your furniture and wall decor, andAnyway you feel uncomfortable, then the reason for this may be the wrong interior. Furniture should be placed in such a way that it does not create discomfort, but creates a harmonious background, but unfortunately very often we place our furniture not according to the laws of a cozy interior, but in order to maximize the use of space in order to fit all this furniture into the room.

  • Decor

Any cozy apartment should contain the elements of decor, without which the apartment looks gloomy. Even a transparent vase with a decorative bouquet of flowers will significantly transform the room.

How to make an apartment cozy

How to create a cosiness in an apartment and a house

So, let's start the stage-by-stage transformation of our apartment.

  1. Furniture

  2. Get rid of unnecessary, superfluous and old furniture. If you need furniture, and you do not have the means to purchase it, then glue it with a furniture film. For today in building shops there is a wide range of films of any style. If you feel sorry to part with the furniture, then take it to the dacha, if you miss her, you can always return it back.

    After you have decided the issue with furniture, we move to the rearrangement.

  3. Rearrangement

  4. First, look at the interiors of the apartments inInternet, maybe something you will emphasize there for yourself. Then close your eyes and imagine the room after the rearrangement. Will you be comfortable in such a room? If you like the idea, think over all the nuances, for example, to make it convenient for you to watch TV while lying on the bed, or the sun did not shine in your eyes.

    If you live not alone, then necessarily discuss together with your family members the future design of the room and apartment, perhaps they will bring interesting ideas to your project.

  5. Repairs

  6. If the permutation has not given results or on the contrary, your apartment has significantly changed, and you decided not to stop there, we do repairs.

    To do this, we again go to the Internet to look at the design of the apartments, and we present this interior at home.

    • Color of walls

    First you must decide what you will use: Wallpaper or painting walls. The color of the walls try to pick up gentle and warm tones. We recommend the following colors: gently blue, pink, peach and light green.

    Do not make walls of bright colors: red, yellow, blue and green. Also, we do not recommend using a black color, it certainly does not give a cozy room a room.

    • Ceiling

    If you want to make an original ceiling, thenVery comfortable will look decorated ceiling from plasterboard. Various designs, smooth lines and interior lighting will create an atmosphere of comfort in the room. An alternative is a stretch ceiling, which will decorate any room. By the way, the stretch ceiling can be made together with the gypsum board structure, which will look amazing.

    • Lighting

    An important for comfort is the lightingApartments. In addition to the chandelier (main lighting), we recommend to hang the sconce, or to think over the so-called night light, which can be hidden under gypsum plasterboard notches. The so-called night light will give the room a gentle, cozy and romantic atmosphere.

  7. Decor

  8. Any room will be even more comfortable with elementsDecor. As we said above, for decoration use vases, flowers, paintings, etc. Separately, we want to mention the blinds and curtains, which play far from the last, and maybe even one of the main roles in the cozy arrangement of the room. One can not but agree that when the window hides behind the curtain, the apartment immediately changes markedly, even if it is a simple curtain or curtain, and the more expensive and beautiful.

How to create a cosiness in the house

How to create a cosiness in a small apartment

The main problem of a small apartment is the lack ofFree space, especially if this apartment is one-bedroom. How to make a cozy one-room apartment? To begin with, try as rationally as possible to use the space, so as to arrange all the necessary furniture in the room, and at the same time, leave as much free space as possible. We emphasize your attention to the fact that in a one-room apartment use only the furniture that you really need.

Buying a dimensional interior, the mainBet on his ergonomics. For example, do not buy a bed, but a sofa that folds compactly and will take up less space. It's also good if there is a special shelf in the sofa where you can put the bed linen. The same goes for the cabinet, very good, if it has many offices and shelves.

As for children's furniture, then to this issueCan be approached rationally. For children on sale there are special children's corners, their advantage consists in compactness. They present themselves as follows: the bed is on the second tier, to which there is a staircase, under the same bed is a computer desk with drawers and a small cabinet size. Thus, this corner includes all the most necessary for the child and will occupy the minimum space.

In the interior, try as much as possible to apply elements that visually expand the space of the room, for example mirrors.

One-room apartment can be divided into severalZones, separating each zone with a decorative partition. So you can visually divide your room, having made in it a zone for rest, a sleeping zone and a nursery.

How to make a cozy rented apartment

How to make a cozy rented apartment

The will of fate, you had to move to a removableApartment. Well, if you got an apartment with at least a cosmetic repair, but even the renovation will not give the apartment a feeling of comfort, because it is not yet habitable. In any case, in a time when you will transport all your own and get new things, their presence will significantly change the apartment, and it will become a little more cozy.

When you moved to a rented apartment,The initial task should be a general cleaning, because you do not know who lived before you in this apartment. For cleaning use special cleaning and disinfectants. Along with cleaning, you can make a rearrangement by placing the furniture in such a way as to provide the most comfortable and comfortable conditions.

If you have good hosts, thenAsk them to make repairs to the rent. In this case, do not use expensive wallpaper and other materials, all of this is preliminary agreed with the owners. Doing repairs, you can create the most comfortable atmosphere for your taste.

In case the owners do not allow you to doRepair and make any changes, then you can use vinyl stickers, they are easily glued to the wall and are also easily peeled off from it, leaving no traces. The image on the vinyl stickers can be either in a decorative style or with a photograph, for example, it can have a view from the veranda to the seashore - this landscape will surely add comfort to any room, especially if you put a sofa on the opposite, in the evenings you can sit and imagine yourself on the sea. Comfort in a rented apartment can be achieved thanks to beautiful curtains, curtains and jalousie - which you prefer.

Another problem with which you canCollide, moving to a new rented apartment, it's an unpleasant smell. Each apartment has its own specific smell, sometimes this smell can be pleasant, and sometimes not very. To mask an unpleasant smell it is possible by means of various air fresheners, but they will not eliminate a source. The unpleasant odor itself was absorbed in walls, carpets, furniture and other interior items. To get rid of the smell, use polishes and other scents to wash cabinets and furniture, for carpets there are also special cleaning products that not only clean them, but also produce unpleasant smells.