You want to buy a new laptop, but you do not have oneFriend, who could advise you what to choose in this case? Do not worry, we will help you and try to find the best option for your laptop based on your tasks.

How to choose a laptop for home

Why choose a laptop

A laptop for a girl is initially the right option, because it has significant advantages over a computer:

  • Less noise;

  • Transportable;

  • Ability to use as a computer;

  • Cheapness and simplicity.

As if the manufacturers of computer equipmentDid not try, but still the computer will make noise. This problem can be solved with the help of noiseless coolers, but these are additional costs, besides, anyway a certain buzz will be heard. The laptop even makes sounds, but they are quieter than the computer.

It is very important that you can take the laptop withOn your vacation, on work or on the road - your information will always be at your fingertips when the computer is a stationary technique. In addition, the laptop has a battery and you can use it for several hours on the road or when you turn off the light.

Many girls do not know that a laptop can beUse even as a computer. Yes, it really is, because you can connect a keyboard, mouse, speakers, web camera and other equipment to the laptop, and most importantly - you can connect a monitor to your laptop, which will be very convenient. It should also be noted that when you connect the monitor to the laptop, you can set the work of two monitors in the settings, that is, the image is not duplicated, but there were two separate monitors - it's very convenient and practical. For example, on the laptop screen you will open a tab with a social network page, and on the monitor, for example, another Internet page, a movie or a game.

If earlier it was possible to say with certainty,That for a certain amount of money you could collect a more powerful computer than for the same money laptop, now it's the other way around. For the amount of 10 000 rubles you can buy quite a good laptop with decent parameters, when for the same amount you can buy only the system unit of the computer without a monitor. And besides, you get a ready-made "computer" that you do not need to collect, thinking which component to choose.

The disadvantage of a laptop is that unlike a computer it can not replace parts with more powerful ones.

How to choose a laptop by parameters

Purpose and objectives of the laptop

First of all, to know whatParameters to choose a laptop, you must first determine what tasks it will have to perform. That is, if you want to purchase a laptop for listening to music, visiting web pages, social networks, playing various mini-games and working with office applications, then the simplest laptop with the minimum parameters will do. If you want to play "serious games", which are demanding of computer resources, as well as watching movies in HD format, you need to select a laptop more carefully. So, let's look at what to look for when choosing a laptop.

How to choose a laptop by parameters

Initially, when they come to the store, the girls startThe choice of a laptop based on its external indicators: color, style, design, etc., and, not paying attention to its technical characteristics. Yes, we all like beautiful girls, but quite often for a beautiful laptop design we need to overpay extra money, consider this moment. On the price tag next to each laptop there is a list of its characteristics, you do not need to go into the jungle, which all this means, we will try to describe as much as possible and simply what is responsible for what, and what parameters they should have.


One of the main indicators of a selectable laptopIs its screen. Modern laptops have a widescreen screen, whose diagonal is 15.6 inches. Such screens are equipped with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels. In principle, all laptops have exactly the same screen parameters. If you want a larger diagonal screen, it will already be a screen with a diagonal of 17.3 inches, of course, this is good, but keep in mind that the larger the screen, the larger will be the laptop itself. If you want a large screen, it's best to buy a separate monitor to your laptop.


The processor is the "brain" of the computer that solvesAll tasks. To date, all laptops are equipped with processors from one of two companies: AMD or Intel. Until now, there has been an ongoing debate about which of these manufacturers is better, but this is a rhetorical question. It's worth noting that AMD-based processors are slightly cheaper than their competitors, but Intel processors do not heat up and have better performance.

Any modern processor includesAt least two cores. To accomplish the minimum number of tasks on a laptop, two cores will be enough. For more complex tasks, choose a laptop processor with four cores.

The last thing to note is the processor frequency, the higher it is, the stronger and faster it is.

Which laptop is best to choose


RAM plays the role of the so-calledBuffer, therefore, the more it's indexed, the faster all processes and tasks on the laptop will be performed. The minimum amount of RAM is 2 gigabytes, which will be enough. For complex tasks, the size of the laptop's RAM must be at least 4 Gigabytes.

Video card

The video card is responsible for visualization. That is, the image of the monitor and video graphics is the prerogative of the video card. Laptops are equipped with two types of video cards: integrated (integrated in the motherboard) and not integrated - as a separate device.

The integrated graphics card is simpler andAn advantageous solution for a simple laptop, with simple tasks, it will cope. If you want to watch movies in HD format, play games with high-quality graphics, and even more, you want to connect a monitor to your laptop, of course, this requires a powerful separate video card. Therefore, when buying, ask the retailer whether the integrated graphics card is in the laptop or not.


A hard disk is a device on whichAll data is stored: music, movies, text documents, etc. For girls, a hard disk with a size of 320 gigabytes will be quite sufficient. If you like to store everything on your hard drive, you can solve the problem of lack of space by purchasing an external hard disk.

operating system

The operating system is a system thatEnsures the work of the laptop. The most popular are Windows and Linux operating systems. The Windows system is more familiar and popular, but keep in mind that a laptop with this operating system will cost a thousand rubles more than without it.

Quite often on sale you can find laptopsWith the installed Linux system, which is distributed free of charge. In some aspects, the Linux system is more convenient than Windows, but you will need to abandon many of the programs you are familiar with, and besides, it will be impossible to install your favorite games on Linux.

If you can install the system yourself, then, of course, buy a laptop without an operating system.

On what parameters to choose a laptop

Extra options

In addition to components, when buying a laptop, you should pay attention to other parameters.


Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi adapter in the laptop,You can use the Internet without wiring, in the range of the Wi-Fi. It's very convenient and practical if you visit places with a laptop in which you have access to Wi-Fi. For home, you will need to purchase a Wi-Fi router. In any case, each laptop is equipped with a LAN port for connecting a network cable.


USB ports are used to connect variousDevices: mice, keyboards, webcams, flash drives, mobile phones, etc. Therefore, the more USB ports will be in the laptop - the more devices you can freely connect.


These connectors are designed to connect a separate monitor to the laptop. For a high-quality image, use an HDMI connection.


Despite the fact that the disks are a thing of the past and the content exchange takes place via the Internet or a flash drive, DVD-Rom is still needed for reading and writing disks.

Which laptop is best to choose

Now let's look at specific examples of notebook models themselves.

Which laptop to choose for games

Which firm to choose a laptop

From the companies we advise laptops from: HP, Lenovo, Acer, ASUS and Samsung.

How to choose a laptop for home

For the home perfectly suited laptop HP 630(A1D72EA). This notebook is bundled with a dual-core Core i3 processor with a clock speed of 2.4 GHz. This model of the laptop can fully solve all the problems of a home laptop. Of the other characteristics worth noting the size of RAM 2048 MB, the amount of hard drive 320 GB, the diagonal screen of 15.6 inches, ATI Radeon HD 6370M graphics card, the presence of DVD-RW, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, as well as 3 USB ports.

How to choose a laptop for a student

For students it is necessary to choose a powerful laptop,In which it will be possible to work freely with any applications. We recommend Lenovo B570 laptop, in the bundle of dual core processor Core i5. This model of the laptop has 4096 MB of RAM, 500 GB of hard drive.

How to choose a laptop for games

Games are very demanding on the resources of the laptop,So for real gamers we recommend Lenovo IdeaPad Z580, which is equipped with a dual core Core i7 2.9 GHz processor, 8192 MB RAM, 1000 GB hard drive, and a powerful video card NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M.