In our previous article, we touched on theMany girls question: how to choose a laptop. We can not stay away when the modern world of computer and mobile technologies has turned an interesting device like a tablet. Before buying a laptop, we recommend that you read this article, and perhaps your choice you will stop on the tablet, not on the laptop. First, let's get acquainted with the tablet and find out: what it is, why and for what purposes it is used, consider its advantages and disadvantages, and then, let's compare it with a laptop.

What is the tablet for?

Tablet Features

A tablet is a device from a mobile familyComputers, which has a compact size, touch screen and long battery life. The tablet can be described as something between the laptop and the mobile phone.

The tablet is not a mobile phone, sinceTelephony is not its main task, but an additional one. In addition, some tablets do not support the function of voice calls and messaging. Also, the tablet can not be considered a laptop, since it has a more compact size and does not have a separate keyboard. Manage the tablet, as well as text input using the touch screen.

If the computer itself is a stationary device, then at one time the laptop has become a more mobile solution. With the advent of the tablet, the question of the mobility of the computer was decided entirely.

Why you need a tablet

Why you need a tablet

According to the principle of operation and management, the tablet resembles a touch phone with a wider range of possibilities. Let's dwell on this in more detail and will understand why a tablet is needed.

  1. A computer

  2. It's no secret that now the computer andA laptop is a device through which we can use the Internet, do our work, listen to music, watch movies and play. All these functions are inherent in the tablet. Thus, due to its compactness, your tablet computer will always be with you, especially since its weight is slightly more than 600 grams.

  3. Mobility

  4. When we found that the tablet has allFunctions of the computer, it is necessary to note its mobility. You can use the tablet at home, at school, on the road and during the rest. The battery charge of the tablet is enough for 8 hours of operation, with a moderate use of the gadget.

  5. Access to the Internet

  6. Very often tablets are used to work withThe Internet. At the same time, on the tablet the Internet will be available almost anywhere in our country thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi adapter. In addition, many tablets support work in EDGE and 3G networks, for access to which you need to install a SIM card in your mobile operator.

    Many are wondering why 3G is needed inTablet. Thanks to the 3G function, through a mobile network, you can access the Internet, on a tablet, at a speed of 3.6 Mbps. This is necessary for those people who constantly move around and use the tablet in places where there is no access to Wi-Fi.

Why you need 3G in the tablet

Use the Internet on the tablet is very convenient, andThe main thing is interesting, because today there are a lot of programs for: reading news, convenient access to social networks, Internet messengers, etc.

  1. Music and Movies

  2. In order to listen to your favorite music to youYou do not need to turn on your computer or laptop, you can download your favorite songs directly to the tablet, or you can listen to them via the Internet. In addition, on the tablet you can watch your favorite movies in your favorite chair or right in bed, again without including a computer or laptop.

  3. Games

  4. All tablets support the ability to play games. Play on the tablet is a pleasure, thanks to the sensor and turn sensors. Games on the tablet are in no way inferior to computer games.

  5. Additional devices

  6. As an addition, if you often type text,For tablets are sold separate keyboards, which solves the problem of inconvenient text input on the touch screen. If you are engaged in drawing and graphics, then using a special stylus you can draw in the tablet.

    For music lovers who do not have enough sound power in the standard tablet dynamics, they can buy a special docking station that has a wide range of functions.

Do I need a tablet?

What makes a tablet different from a laptop

Now let's compare the difference between a tablet and a laptop.


Of course, the functionality of the tablet is notCompare with a laptop. First, the size of the screen, which in the laptop is 2 or even 3 times larger than that of the tablet. On the laptop you can install a specialized software for work, when the tablets, to a greater extent, focus on information and entertainment programs. Hard disk tablet wants the best, it is almost 10 times smaller than the laptop, and therefore you can store only the necessary files on the tablet. To the laptop you can connect a huge number of additional devices, when the tablet is limited to this list of devices. It is much easier to work on a laptop than on a tablet, for this you have a wide range of programs, a mouse and a keyboard.

But we can not say that the tablet includes2 cameras, thanks to which you can take photos, shoot video in HD format, and also make video calls anywhere. The standard battery of the laptop in the offline mode works for about 4 hours, when the battery of the tablet can stand autonomous work in 10-12 hours.


Compared to a laptop, the tablet is moreA mobile device than a laptop, since any girl can put a tablet in her bag when the laptop in it can not fit and require a separate bag. Of course, one thing is when you carry a tablet in a bag a half a kilogram, and another, when the laptop is 3 kilograms - the difference is palpable.

What to buy a tablet or laptop

What programs are needed for the tablet

All tablets have their own list of programs, which is installed by default. These are the following programs:

  • Browser;

  • Camera;

  • Photo album;

  • Audio and video players;

  • The calendar;

  • Alarm clock

  • Cards.

In addition, we recommend installing the so-calledA reading room for books, if you like to read books in electronic form. If the default is not set, we recommend that you install a notepad in which you can take notes.

If you are a fan of social networks, then forAll platforms on the basis of which the tablets work, there are programs of all popular social networks. Also you can install news applications to stay up-to-date with the latest news.

Do I need a tablet?

If you have an extra 20 thousand. Rubles, the tablet will not be superfluous. This is a very convenient and exciting gadget, which you will definitely find use. Also, if you need a mobile computer, then the tablet is much more mobile than a laptop. If you really need a computer, with all its functions, of course, it is better to give preference to a laptop.