An amusing quote came to our eyes recently:

- Daughter, why are you so dressed in the bathroom going !?

- Mom, I'm photographed - a new avatar for a page in the social network is needed!

It is this phrase that we would like to begin ourArticle. Although this is ridiculous, the essence of this phrase is not mockery, but that very often the girls take pictures of themselves in the mirror. The situation is very common, because many accounts of girls in the social network contain a photograph, where his owner photographs himself in the mirror. Let's not touch on the moral side of this issue, but touch mystical.

The girl takes pictures in the mirror

Can I photograph myself in a mirror?

As you probably heard, there is a folkThe belief that you can not take pictures of yourself in the mirror. We are sure that you will be interested to know why it is impossible to be photographed in a mirror, so we decided to devote this article to this issue.

In fact, nothing forbids taking pictures of yourself in theMirror (that is, its reflection in the mirror), there is nothing wrong with this - an ordinary photograph, but popular beliefs say that photographing yourself in a mirror is a bad omen. Why can not I be photographed through a mirror?

To answer this question, let's approachTo this from afar. As you know, the mirror is fraught with a lot of mystical mysteries. You can not look in the mirror when you eat something, you can not have a sleeping person reflected in the mirror, and after the death of a person in his apartment mirrors are fixed - it's all for a reason, and the same applies to photographing your reflection in the mirror. In the old days, all the mirrors were always covered with blankets or covered with shutters, and they were only opened to look at their reflection, eventually it faded into oblivion and the mirrors were constantly in the open state.

Why not photograph your reflection in the mirror:

  • First version

Its reflection can not be photographed becauseIn the mirror our soul is reflected and when in the photo there is our reflection in the mirror, then this photo can be made spoiled. It is believed that being reflected in the mirror, our soul is defenseless, and its picture "catches" at this moment, that's why the corruption is so easily done.

  • Version two

Through reflection in the mirror on the photo, from the looking glass to you can be transferred to a variety of negative phenomena: disease, failure and much more.

  • Version three

Photographing your reflection in the mirror, youOpen a portal, between your negative sides, which can go through the photo to you, for example: anger, hatred, pride and many other negative qualities.

The girl is photographed in the mirror

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There remains one question: You can not take pictures of yourself in the mirror, or it does not matter who takes photos, the main thing is the presence in the photo of your reflection in the mirror. Also, the question is not completely clear whether it is possible to be photographed in such a way that only the back can be seen in the mirror (for example, if you want to take a photo so that the reflection of the dress in the mirror is reflected in the picture), or in itself a reflection of the person in The mirror in the photo is a bad omen.

But, nevertheless, the beliefs of beliefs, butThe vast majority of girls have pictures where they are reflected in the mirror and their lives have not changed for the worse, they all continue to make new photos and no mysterious events have occurred to them. A lot of people believe that this belief, and all other beliefs nonsense, but someone believes in it. Therefore, believe it or not decide for you.