The Internet is our everything. Today in the arsenal of the Internet there is a huge number of the most diverse services, without which we can not imagine our life. Surely you've heard the name of such a service as "Instagram". This name occurs in many information resources, everyone has heard the phrase: "... placed a new photograph in the Instagram", or maybe you were asked the question: "Are you an Instagram?". Instagram - a name that occurs even in the songs of many Russian performers. What is Instagram and how to use it?

Logo Instagram in the form of a photo

Instagram - what is it?

Instagram (Instagram) is a social photo network. For those who are confused, we will talk about this in more detail. Instagram is a foreign resource, its official name is Instagram. At the moment, Facebook is the owner of Instagram. Instagram is something between the social network and the microblogging, that is, a kind of Twitter in the pictures, where you post photos and give them a brief description.

As in Twitter in the Instagram you can haveReaders (subscribers to the account), and also you can subscribe to the accounts of other users of this network. The Tweeter publishes: what is happening in your life at the moment, what interests you, interesting information, links - that is all in text form within 140 characters, and you can attach an image to a tweet. In Instagram on the contrary - the basis is your photos, which are related to your life, interests and preferences, to which you can give a brief description. You can comment on the photos posted by your users, as well as "like" (to make a sign that your photo they liked), you can do the same with photos of users of the Instagram network.

Instagram service

What is the Instagram for? Instagram can be used as your personal photo archive, as an application for processing photos and as a social network to share with your subscribers photos that convey fragments of your life. Very often Instagrams are used by musicians, actors and other eminent personalities to share episodes of their lives.

How to use Instagram?

As mentioned above, the function InstagramIs the placement of photos from your smartphone. It's easy enough to use Instagram. To do this, you must install on your smartphone a free application with the same name. The application is available for all users of two popular mobile operating systems: iOS and Android. Then you need to register on the service and be authorized in the application - after that you can fully use the Instagram. For Instagram can be used as available in the phone's memory pictures, and made by the built-in camera with this application. Before the publication of the next image in your account, a photo instagram is made.

Instagram in the iPhone

What is an instagram photo? Photo instrapage is the processing of photos using special filters that are available in the Instagram program. You do not need to be a master of Photoshop, in order to beautifully process a photo - just click on one of the types of filters and the program will automatically process the image: cut it and modify it. Even when in closed mode, the app will inform you about the "likes" of your photos and about new comments to them.

What is the food instagram? Quite a popular trend in Instagram is photographing food and placing photo data on your account, often these are some original dishes from cafes and restaurants.

Some like to photograph themselvesFrustrated and even crying, making selfi in the mirror, but this can not be done categorically, as there are many reasons why one should not look in the mirror when crying.