Fruit Diet for Weight Loss

Fruit Diet is a great way to get rid ofExcess weight. Among other things, this is one of the most healthy diets, because fruits contain a large number of vitamins, useful fiber, antioxidants, minerals. The essence of the diet of fruits is that the daily menu introduces more fruits in any form (fresh, canned, dried fruits).

Fruit diet for weight loss includes several Basic rules, Which must be strictly followed.

At first, Always when there is a desire to eatSomething "forbidden" (read - high-calorie), you must immediately "switch" to some fruit dessert - more useful and containing few calories. Fruit diet is quite diverse: a piece of cake can be replaced with fruit jelly, ice cream - frozen fruits, meat salad with mayonnaise - fruit salad, pancakes with sour cream - light yogurt with pieces of fresh fruit.

Secondly, The fruit diet suggests that during the dayYou will snack only with fruits, not letting the famine get down to the body. Always at hand should be some fruit (apple, pear, dried apricots or prunes) - and then by the time you receive lunch or dinner you will not feel hungry, and therefore, do not overeat. A beautifully designed vase of fruit should stand at home - it will certainly cause an appetite, and you can not pass by without reaching out to the fruit. And if the fruit is hidden in the refrigerator, then you can forget about them.

Thirdly, A diet of fruits is also a rejection of harmfulHabits in the form of fast food. Have got used during the working day "to be interrupted" by sandwiches or chips? Replace this habit with the habit of eating fruit. You can choose a more gentle option, eating a fruit first, and then a hot dog (any other fast food), gradually turning to an exclusively fruit "snack". After examining the reviews about the fruit diet, we came to the conclusion that the habit of eating a fruit becomes regular about a month after its introduction.

Fruit Diet - recipes

Fruit Diet for Weight Loss

Recipes of fruit diets set. Some of them suggest in their diet to completely switch to fruit alone, others advise to supplement their menu with other ingredients. What kind of diet to choose - it's up to you. All of them are quite effective and allow you to lose up to 5 kg in 3 days.

Fruit Diet for Weight Loss

A "severe" version of the fruit diet is enough. It should be careful with it, if there are problems with the stomach (increased acidity, ulcer), tk. The diet includes freshly squeezed fruit juice. Such a fruit diet is recommended once a month.
The first day. For breakfast, eat any fruit, drink a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice. For dinner, eat a salad of fruits, drink a glass of water. For dinner, eat a salad of fruit, drink a glass of fresh fruit juice.
Second day. For breakfast, eat a plate of any fruit, drink a glass of water. For dinner, eat a salad of fruits, drink a glass of water. For dinner - a plate of any boiled vegetables, any two fruits.

The third day. For breakfast, eat a plate of any fruit, drink a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice. For lunch - fruit salad, a glass of water. For dinner, eat soup from vegetables.

Fast diet of fruits

Her recipe is quite simple, like the fast diet itself,You need 6 days to eat 9 kg of any fruit (choose to taste, but it is desirable that the fruit menu was diverse). In this case, use no more than 500 ml of liquid per day. The scheme of eating fruits with this diet is this: on the first and sixth day there are 1 kg of fruit, in the second and fifth - 1.5 kg of fruit, in the third and fourth - 2 kg of fruit. This diet can be arranged for yourself once a year.

Apple diet

Focusing on reviews about the fruit diet atVarious women's forums, we can say with confidence that the diet on apples is the most popular diet of fruits. It is rather lengthy in time and is conducted as follows. First you need to replace the apples with breakfast - and eat well for a week. Then replace the apples and dinner with dinner, for a mid-morning snack consuming vegetable soup - so spend another week. The third and fourth week - there are only apples, you can also drink water with honey or herbal teas. The fifth and sixth week - apples are only for breakfast, returning to a normal lunch and dinner.

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Fruit-and-milk diet

Fruit Diet for Weight Loss

It is also known as a curd-fruit diet. Lasts for a week, well tolerated and positively affects the body. For breakfast, drink tea without sugar, after 3 hours - 200 g of low-fat cottage cheese, after 3 hours - 200 g of any fruit, after 3 hours - 300 g of low-fat kefir (or other sour milk drink), after 2 hours - 200 g of fruit. During the day, you can consume up to 1.5 liters of fluid.

Protein-fruit diet

In the morning on an empty stomach drink a glass of water to cleanseStomach, elimination of toxins - this is the main rule of many diets. Be sure to have a dense breakfast, forcing the stomach to work fully for the day. For lunch, eat 200 grams of low-fat boiled meat (rabbit, chicken, beef). During the whole day there is fruit (except for a high-calorie banana and sugar-containing grapes). After 18.00, do not eat anything, drink plenty of water to purify the stomach. Follow the diet for 3-5 days.

How to choose fruit for a fruit diet?

First of all, you need to consult a doctor aboutThe expediency of a fruit diet in this or that case, and also about the choice of this or that kind of fruit. After all, every fruit, despite its useful properties, has certain contraindications when consumed in large quantities (and this is what the fruit diet assumes).

You can also focus on the type of skin. For oily skin, the fruit is not ripe, sour for taste, green and yellow. For dry skin, ripe fruits are good, sweet to taste, red. Normal type of skin will "tolerate" any kind of fruit.

Do not be superfluous with a fruit dietCertain physical activities: jogging, morning gymnastics, walking. Rest, take care of yourself, do not worry about trifles. For a fruit diet, it's best to choose a time when you know for sure that no one and nothing will disturb you - the approaching summer vacation in this plan will be just the way. Let the fruit help you in the fight against excess weight!