The problem of fighting moths is known to every hostess, because this fate will not pass any apartment. Let's consider today such a painful question: how to get rid of moths.

How strange it would not sound, but a mole with eachThe year becomes "smarter and more resilient". Agree, it was easier to get rid of moles earlier, now it becomes a total problem, and it is very difficult to get it out. After killing one, two, five moles, and placing various antimolar agents around the apartment - this often does not bring results. Having tried a lot of advice from your girlfriends, you still do not know how to get rid of moths in the apartment !? Well, let's analyze the situation together and help get rid of this annoying pest.

Moles are of various types, but conditionally all of themCan be divided into two groups: kitchen and room. In principle, based on the names of groups, you can guess that the kitchen moth lives in the kitchen and in the pantry, eating food, and the indoor mole lives in living rooms, where there are clothes and other things.

How to get rid of moths

Types of moths and their harm

What is the difference between a food mole and a clothes moth?

Distinguish food from moyage moths by the color,Food moth has a gray and dark gray color, when the clothing moth has a sand color. As mentioned above, the food moth lives in the kitchen, because it feeds on a certain group of foods, so if the mole is most often found in the kitchen, then most likely it is food, respectively, if in the living rooms it is a comfortable one.

Where does the mole come from?

Sometimes there is the impression that the mole is taken from somewhere, but it can not be, so let's consider the options how the mole could get into your apartment.

The most common way to get moths intoApartment - through the open window, if it is not protected by a mosquito net. And, of course, the mole can fly into the apartment through the front door, from the neighbors. The second source of hit moths in the house or apartment are venting and through cracks. The last likely way to get moth into the apartment is that you yourself contributed this mole, of course, it was not on you, but for example, in things that were in the package or products.

What is the harm of moths

Whatever the moth, room or kitchen,It brings small in scale and great in the consequences of harm. To get rid of moths, mistresses seeing a flying moth, try to immediately kill her, but this is the most ineffective way of fighting her. Why!? In order to understand this, let us first consider what the vital path of moths consists of.

Moths themselves do no direct harm to our thingsDo not have. As you know, a fertilized female moth lays eggs, from which later caterpillars appear. Caterpillars are the main pests, both for our clothes and for our products. When caterpillars turn into moths, they do not bring harm as such, their task is to continue the genus. Active moths are males, they fly most often in our apartment, since, by fertilizing a female from one population, they fly away in search of others. After the male-mole flies away, only a few hours remain for him, since they are not only unable to feed themselves, but even in most cases they are not equipped with a mouthpiece. As soon as the males complete their energy they die. Females are inactive and in most cases they just crawl and live in one place.

The moth

Many believe that moths eat our clothes, butthis is not true. In fact, the moth does not eat our clothes, but our skin scales that remain on the clothing. Those fibers of tissue that are supposedly eaten by a mole, in fact, it eats because it is on them that these scales of our skin remain. Therefore, it follows that moth does not eat wool and any other tissues, it eats the particles left by our body on clothes in the form of sweat.

Food moth

The food moth is no exception, and lives onThe same principle as the odd one, but if the moth wears things, the food moth prefers food. As a rule, the moth lives in loose products, namely grain, wheat, dried fruits, nuts and even in tea. The most dangerous is the grain moth.

The food moth chooses such a house for itself without a reason, since it is grains and other bulk products that we store in bags, open containers in which there is damp and poor ventilation.

How to get rid of moths at home

Now, if you read carefully, you understand,That if you killed a flying mole (male), then only brought him his death, which is already inevitable. Eat and moth caterpillars need to be exterminated. To begin the fight with the moth, it is necessary to find it, the so-called den, and in addition, to carry out preventive actions in order to limit all possible ways of its further and future appearance.

How to get rid of moths in the closet

How to get rid of food moths

So, if you have found severalRepresentatives of moths, which refer to the form of food, then we begin to get rid of it. Perhaps their lair is not in your apartment, but in the neighbors, as it was said before, and therefore see from which side the mole flies, it can be windows and the front door. Install mosquito nets, and in the partition hang a special adhesive tape.

If you think that the lair of food mothsIs in your apartment, the first thing you need to do is complete cleaning in the kitchen and in the pantry - these are the two places in which the mole most likely will live. We completely take out everything from the cabinets and look carefully. Especially pay attention to cereals, dried fruits, teas and other loose products. It is best to pour them on a newspaper, razgresti this pile and see if there are caterpillars and eggs in it. Then, all available bulk products must be stored in glass containers, which are hermetically sealed with a lid. Store the container data in a dry and bright place when you buy new cereals, before pouring into a jar, thoroughly inspect them. It happens that the food moth gets to us an apartment in the bought croup. Try to buy packaged cereals, not weight. You do not need to store cereals in bags, since cellophane is not an obstacle to moths.

Next, from the cereals, go to the cabinets. Cabinets are best washed either with the help of special detergents or with a soap solution, then wipe with clean water. Take out the shelves and boxes, since the mole can huddle in the corners and at the joints. Well, we recommend that you also look behind the cabinet, just in case. In addition to the cabinets, inspect the various cracks, corners, plinths - in a word, all the cottages, which will comfortably inhabit the moths.

If you find a mole in the croup, it is betterJust throw it away, despite the fact how many there are. If the mole you found in the closet, skirting boards and crevices, then clean it thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner, then necessarily throw away the dust bag or wash the rag. Dump the moth bag and immediately take it out of the apartment.

How to get rid of the mole ration

The moths live year-round, as opposed to food. In addition, the moth is multiplied not only in the warm season, but all 12 months of the year.

To get rid of moles, useThe same methods. First, determine if the moth hides in your apartment or flies from the neighbors. If you find that your things that are stored in the closet are spoiled, then the mole lives in your closet. Regardless of this, you still have to check the entire room.

We take all the things from the closet and properly themWe examine. Then inspect also the entire cabinet, all the cubicles, and shelves. If you find a mole, then remove it from the cabinet using a vacuum cleaner. In this case, there is a possibility that the mole may be in your clothes, so this clothing will most of all be washed and then ironed. Be sure to do a complete cleaning in the apartment, perhaps you will find more places for moths.

It is important to note that the mole settles in those things,Which we vilified for a while and put in the closet for safekeeping. That is, if you wear a thing all the time, the mole in it will not start. When you do not plan to wear a thing, wash it to get rid of sweat and skin scales, so that this thing is not interesting. You can additionally secure things by ironing, since the high temperature of the iron kills all the moths.

Often moles can appear in carpets, so theirIt is often necessary to vacuum, clean and wash them. A very good folk remedy for cleaning carpets is its street cleaning in the winter, when using snow, broom and picks it is cleaned.

How to get rid of moths in the closet

How to prevent the appearance of moths

Set the mesh on the windows and vent. Be sure to ventilate your apartment, use special flavors.

As mentioned earlier, the emergence of food mothsIt is best to prevent by storing cereals, teas, dried fruits and nuts in hermetically sealed cans, and also check the purchased cereals well.

As for clothes, then, as you already understood,It is necessary to wash, pat and best store in special sealed bags for clothing. Such packages can be found in most large supermarkets. The essence of them is that you put the thing in a bag that closes with a zipper. Then in a special hole insert the pipe from the vacuum cleaner and pump out air from there. After that we take out the hose of the vacuum cleaner and close this compartment. That's the way it's best to keep things.

As for leather jackets, fur coats, sheepskin coatsAfter the end of the winter period, store them in special cases, so that these things do not start a moth. People often hang these items on the balcony in summer, so they are ventilated and dried out.

For the prevention of moths there is a largeA number of agents, such as aerosols, adhesive tapes, special plates, and the like. - use them if you notice a mole. As a preventive measure, always put in the closet with clothes special anti-moth drugs. Do not use naphthalene, as it promotes the appearance of cancer.

Of the popular ways to prevent moths, layIn the closet the peel of orange and mandarin. It is often recommended to put chestnuts in the closet. Here you can not fail to mention such a well-known means as lavender, which emits a pleasant aroma and prevents the appearance of moths.