Low-calorie diet is considered a traditional diet for fast weight loss.

The principle of the low-calorie diet

Low-calorie diet

It is based on a decrease in calorie contentConsumed food by about 20-30%, mainly due to animal and vegetable fats and carbohydrates in part (sugar, bread, sweet and flour). Also, consumption of salt, spices, alcohol is reduced. The use of protein foods, on the contrary, increases somewhat. This avoids the feeling of hunger and maintain the energy consumption at the proper level.

Eating with a low-calorie diet should be 5-6 times a day, portions should be small. In the day you need to consume no more than 1500 calories, For people, leading an active physical activity - no more than 1800 calories. In the recipes of a low-calorie diet, vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber predominate.

As a result of this diet lasting a week, youLose about 3-4 kilograms of excess weight. However, this is not its only wealth. Low calorie diet is effective enough not only for weight loss. It contributes to the prolongation of life, since the restriction in the consumption of calories leads to a slowing of metabolic processes in the body and, accordingly, inhibition of the aging processes in it.

What does the low-calorie diet menu include?

The low-calorie diet menu should include:

Low-calorie diet

- bread from wheat or rye flour, coarse grinding, you can with bran - 120-150 grams per day;
- Soups (including cold - beetroot, okroshka) and borsch with minimum content of potatoes; Twice a week - vegetable soups, cooked on the second meat (fish) broth;
- low-fat varieties of meat and fish - 100-150 g per day; The way of cooking meat - boil and fry, boil fish, fry, bake;
- low-fat milk and dairy products: A spoonful of sour cream in borsch or salad, low-fat cottage cheese (160-200 grams per day) - in pure form or in the composition of cheese cakes and casseroles, low-fat cheese - about 50 grams per day;
- in an insignificant quantity of buckwheat, barley and pearl barley, mainly in the form of an addition to vegetable soups;
- 1-2 pcs. Eggs a day, hard-boiled or baked in the form of an omelet;
- vegetables in any kind, partly in raw: Fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, radish, pumpkin, zucchini, turnips; In a limited number: potatoes, beets, carrots, fresh green peas and any canned vegetables;
- fruits and berries - you can eat only sweet and sour;
- from desserts: jelly on sugar substitutes;
- weak vegetable and mushroom sauces, vinegar;
- vegetable and butter in a small amount;
- drinks: tea, black coffee, compotes without sugar.

Prohibited foods in the low-calorie diet menu

A number of products are prohibited in the menu of this diet:

- milk soups;
- any flour products, including macaroni;
- beans;
- fatty meat and fish, any sausages and canned food;
- containing a high percentage of fat content of dairy products: cottage cheese, yoghurt, fermented baked milk, cheese, etc .;
- omelette;
- rice, oatmeal and semolina porridge;
- sweet fruit: bananas, grapes, dates, raisins, figs;
- any sweets: sugar, honey, ice cream, jam, jam, confectionery;
- fat and spicy sauces, spices, mayonnaise;
- Animals and culinary fats;
- sweet juices and cocoa.

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Approximate menu of low-calorie diet for a week

Low-calorie diet

First breakfast. Low-fat cottage cheese - 100 g, stewed cabbage - 200 g, unsweetened tea.
Lunch. Salad of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, seasoned with sour cream - 170 g.
Dinner. Vegetable soup - 200 g, a piece of boiled meat - 90 g, apple-carrot salad - 150 g.
Afternoon snack. Low-fat cottage cheese - 100 grams, a glass of unsweet compote.
Dinner. Boiled lean fish - 100 g, vegetable stew - 130 g.
Before bedtime. A glass of low-fat kefir.
During the day. Bread with bran - 4 slices.

Another menu for a low-calorie diet for a week

First breakfast
. A cup of unsweetened tea or coffee.
Lunch. 40 grams of hard cheese, low-fat variety.
Dinner. Omelet of 2 eggs, 80 g of boiled lean meat.
Afternoon snack. A cup of unsweetened tea or coffee.
Dinner. 120 grams of fish meat, vinaigrette with the addition of vegetable oil.
Before bedtime. A glass of mint broth.
During the day. Rye bread - 4 slices.

Due to the fact that the list of allowed productsQuite extensive, recipes for a low-calorie diet can be quite diverse. From the proposed list of products you can prepare a variety of soups, snacks, salads, meat dishes, without feeling a sense of hunger and special restrictions in the diet.

Do not forget that before usingAny diet, including low-calorie, is mandatory doctor's consultation. Lose weight wisely, lose weight without restrictions, lose weight and continue to eat delicious - because all this is possible with a low-calorie diet!