An integral part of the family budget isCompilation, accumulation and distribution of it. The problem is very urgent, as it is often the family budget that causes family quarrels and conflicts. Let's consider how to allocate, plan and save the family budget.

Attitude to the family budget

It is very difficult to allocate a budget if you orYour other half are greedy about money. In this case, the distribution of money will be a very complicated procedure. In order to distribute the family budget, you must both trust each other, because if there is no trust, there will be constant checks, and this will always lead to quarrels and resentments.

At the very beginning of living together with a guy orHusband, specify the filling of the family budget and what it will be spent on. You can spend money from the family budget for all family needs, and for something specific: the purchase of products and payment of utilities. When you determine the target purpose of the family budget, you can calculate its future expenses in order to know what monthly amount it is necessary to collect in it.

It is worth noting that everyone has differentRepresentation of the family budget. For someone, the family budget is a piggy bank, for someone a purse, for someone the method of control. Treat the family budget simply, do not make a fund out of it and make permanent accounting calculations and reports. Attitude to the family budget should be like a refrigerator: to whom as much as necessary - he took so much, so here. Of course money is a more serious issue than products, but, nevertheless, they have similar philosophies.

Family budget

Filling in the family budget

Whoever and how much will be deferred to the family budget, is discussed first.

Option 1

The most common situation when a husband givesIn the family budget all his salary, while "premium" is left to himself. As for the wife, she also postpones the salary in the family budget and leaves the "bonus" for pocket expenses.

In this situation, each spouse spends his pocket money on personal expenses.

  • Men on: auto, computer, hobby, beer, etc.

  • Women on: cosmetics, new clothes, jewelry, household items.

In this pocket money, both of the spouses can spend and for food - regardless of who and how much spent out of personal money.

As for the family budget, its meansGo to buy food, pay utility bills, buy clothes, etc. The remaining money either remains in the family budget, or else it is saved in the piggy bank, for example, if you collect for a summer vacation, a new apartment, car or repair.

Option 2

Another option for filling the family budget,This is when both spouses completely postpone their salaries and, having a total amount, distribute the funds. In this case, who and how much money is taken - fixed and mutually agreed. This option is best if you both collect something and want to save.

Option 3

When the whole salary is given to the family budget and at the same time each of the spouses takes as much money as it needs, without reports.

Option 4

Filling the family budget takes the husband, inThe fact that he has a large salary. A certain part of the money he picks up for his own needs, and the rest is common. Earned money wife, she spends on her own, as she sees fit.

Option 5

The most democratic option, when both husband and wife allocate from their salaries the same amount of money, leaving the rest for personal expenses.

How to allocate a family budget

How to properly manage the family budget

In any case, which of the five options,Listed above, you would not have used, the family budget should be counted. This should be done for the rational use of funds. In order to properly manage the family budget and learn how to save it, its target distribution and control is necessary. At the same time, control should not be total, do not require checks from each other, etc., but simply control, so that you do not commit rash waste. At the end of each month, analyze your expenses for review and rationalization.

How to allocate a family budget

In order to rationally and correctly distribute the family budget, it must be planned in advance. Let's look at what should be the planning of the family budget.

Planning of the family budget

Make a list of expenses with your husband that you always do. Your list should look something like this:

  1. Food;

  2. Payment of utility services;

  3. Buying clothes;

  4. Pocket costs;

  5. Petrol;

  6. Other unforeseen expenses;

  7. Deposits for accumulation, etc.

How to save a family budget

So, after that, write down in detail eachThe item that it includes, and how much you are spending on it. Further, the total amount of the family budget is divided into all for all necessary needs. If you manage to distribute the family budget in such a way that you have surplus, then you can both postpone it to unforeseen expenses, and put it aside to the money that you are saving something together.

For greater convenience in monitoring the family budget, you can use special computer programs.

How to save a family budget

In order to save the family budget,We recommend to divide the total amount of the budget that you allocate for food and pocket expenses, and divide it by the number of days in a month, and at the same time spend no more than that per day. Also make a list of embezzlement, and analyze it, which of these costs were irrational, from which you can refuse and on what you can save.