Every family dreams of having a baby, knowingThe happiness of motherhood and paternity, continue the race and contribute to the infinity. But 10% of married couples do not get pregnant at the first attempts. Today we want to touch upon the question of why it is not possible to conceive a child and analyze this situation by finding a way out of it.

So, let's just say that we panicBefore the time, if the child was not conceived at the first attempts - it is unnecessary. In general, worry about this is only necessary in a year, with weekly attempts to become pregnant. That is, if the month has passed, after you tried to become pregnant, and this did not work - you should not worry. If, however, during half a year all your attempts to conceive a child with your husband did not bring a result, then this is an occasion to reflect, but not to worry.

Conception of the child

Why can not I conceive a child from the first time?

The answer to this question you should have got yetIn school, when studied the features of the structure of man, in particular the reproductive system. As is known, in order to conceive a child spermatozoa should meet in the body of a woman with her egg, as a result of this sperm enters the egg and then the embryo begins to develop in the uterus. This describes the ideal conditions, but in practice everything is somewhat more complicated.

If the spermatozoa in men are producedConstantly, with each orgasm, the female egg is produced once a cycle, roughly speaking, once a month, and lives there for several days, after which it either fertilizes or dies. Thus, it turns out that from the first and the subsequent time of conception attempts, they can not give a result because you did not have an egg in this period, it is simply not yet ripe. In order to conceive a child, attempts must be made for one month, and preferably as often as possible.

The reasons for not conception of the child

If you can not conceive the first child,Then complete a survey with her husband. The most common reason is that you can not conceive a child for quite a long period - in hormonal failure, and hormonal failure can be the cause of unsuccessful attempts at conception, both in men and in women.

Of course, not conception of the child can be associated with infertility, about the causes and treatment of infertility, we told in a previous article, so we recommend that you read it.

Nervous stress, anxiety and fears associated with pregnancy can also have a negative effect on conception.

If you can not get a secondChild, the reasons for this can be quite a lot, ranging from hormonal failure, ending with secondary infertility. These questions will help to answer the doctor, for which you will need to take the tests with your spouse and get tested.


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What to do if you can not conceive a child

First of all, try to stickHealthy lifestyle: rejection of bad habits, proper nutrition, walking outdoors and mobility. Try to observe a healthy way of eating by eating healthy food. It is also recommended to take a complex of vitamin preparations. More details about this all we told in the article about infertility.

Try to change the climate, for example, rest on the sea, maybe that climate suits you more and will contribute to the conception of the baby.